How Lengthy Does Metformin Keep in Your System?

Individuals who take metformin for diabetes administration will typically take the medicine a few times per day. 

In some circumstances, nonetheless, folks could take slow-release metformin tablets (also called extended-release, ER, or XR), which could be taken much less typically. 

That is usually easy. Nevertheless, it is very important understand how lengthy metformin stays in your system for a wide range of causes. 

This text will examine how lengthy the medicine is lively in your physique after you’ve taken it or after you’ve stopped taking it. 

Key Factors:

  • After stopping metformin, it takes about 96.8 hours (4 days) for the medicine to be utterly cleared from the physique. 
  • Components equivalent to kidney operate, age, metabolic fee, physique mass, dosage, and the way lengthy the medicine has been used have an effect on how lengthy metformin stays in an individual’s system. For instance, these with kidney impairment or older adults could have an extended metformin clearance time.
  • It’s necessary to observe prescribed dosing schedules and seek the advice of with a healthcare supplier about potential interactions with different drugs or alcohol. Metformin can work together with numerous medication and substances, and its effectiveness could be influenced by missed doses.

Why is it necessary to understand how lengthy metformin stays in your system?

Taking medicine day-after-day could be tough. Certainly, life can generally get in the way in which of taking drugs as prescribed and on time. 

Metformin is usually finest taken a few times each day. (Make sure you test together with your physician concerning the schedule that’s finest on your state of affairs.) 

However with out realizing how lengthy it stays in your system, it may be tough to understand how and when to take your drugs should you’re making an attempt (in session together with your healthcare workforce) to lift or decrease your dose or to wean your self off metformin altogether. 

It’s moreover useful to understand how lengthy metformin lasts in your system should you’ve forgotten to take your medicine, in case you are questioning when it’s protected to take your subsequent full dose, or should you’re unsure whether or not the metformin you’ve beforehand taken will work together with different drugs or meals or alcohol you intend to devour.

Does metformin take some time to construct up in your system?

Sure, and should you’ve simply began taking metformin, you almost certainly received’t discover improved blood sugar ranges or weight reduction instantly, it doesn’t matter what dose you take. 

The primary results on blood sugar ranges could also be seen inside 48 hours of beginning the medicine, however essentially the most important results received’t be seen till after 4-5 days of persistently taking the medicine. 

Any expectations of weight reduction, nonetheless, could take a number of weeks or months to come back to fruition and would require modifications in weight-reduction plan and train as effectively. 

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A probably harmful buildup of metformin within the physique can occur in case your kidneys are usually not correctly functioning to course of the medicine. This may end up in a situation known as lactic acidosis (a buildup of lactic acid within the bloodstream), which could be life-threatening. 

Contact your physician should you’re experiencing signs of lactic acidosis, together with:

  • Feeling disoriented
  • Speedy respiration
  • Speedy coronary heart fee 
  • Stomach ache
  • Headache
  • Lethargy and fatigue
  • Muscle cramps and muscle ache
  • Physique weak spot
  • Decreased urge for food
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Yellowing of the pores and skin or eyes

A few of these signs could be confused with regular metformin unwanted side effects, however take word should you begin to expertise any new signs after you’ve been on metformin for some time. 

(All this being mentioned, metformin is usually a really protected drug, and most of the people expertise minimal unwanted side effects.)

How lengthy do metformin unwanted side effects final?

Sometimes, unwanted side effects of metformin, equivalent to vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, stomachache, and lack of urge for food, go away after a couple of weeks on the medicine. 

For individuals who expertise important unwanted side effects, there are good options to metformin, together with a number of metformin mixture medication that will have fewer unwanted side effects.

Metformin half-life

The half-life of a medicine is the time it takes for 50 % of the drug’s lively ingredient to be metabolized or eradicated out of your physique. 

Metformin has an elimination half-life from pink blood cells of roughly 17.6 hours. 

The typical elimination half-life of metformin in plasma (the liquid portion of blood) is barely 6.2 hours, however a lot of the lively components in metformin accumulate within the pink blood cells (RBCs), so that’s the place we’ll focus. 

Because of this each 17.6 hours, the drug turns into 50 % much less sturdy. Nevertheless, there are some caveats.

Does metformin keep in some folks’s programs longer than others? 

Sure. The half-life of metformin is just not a precise science as a result of everyone seems to be totally different. Metformin tends to stay within the our bodies of sure populations for an extended time.

Folks with renal (kidney) impairment

For folks dwelling with kidney illness or kidney failure, metformin will keep within the physique for much longer. 

For folks taking metformin who’ve delicate kidney failure, the oral clearance (the speed at which the physique processes and absorbs metformin from the gastrointestinal tract into the bloodstream) and renal clearance (the speed at which the kidneys get rid of metformin from the physique) of metformin is decreased by 33 % and 16 %, respectively. 

For these with average kidney failure, the oral clearance and renal clearance of metformin are decreased by 50 % and 53 %, respectively. 


Older folks are inclined to have metformin keep of their system longer than youthful folks. This has a couple of causes, however the main one is decreased kidney operate as folks with diabetes age. 

For that purpose, it is strongly recommended that metformin shouldn’t be began in people who find themselves 80 years and older except creatinine clearance (a measure of how effectively the kidneys filter creatinine out of the bloodstream) can present that kidney operate is just not lowered.

Metabolic fee 

Individuals who have a slower metabolic fee can have metformin of their system for longer. It is because the physique is processing every thing (together with meals, alcohol, and drugs) extra slowly. 

In comparison with folks with out diabetes, these with sort 2 diabetes who take metformin can have the medicine of their system for longer, even after stopping the drug. 

Physique mass

The upper your physique mass, the longer metformin will keep in your system. This is applicable to all drugs. 

In case your physique mass is increased, you’re additionally extra more likely to be taking a bigger dose of metformin, which can have an effect on the time it spends in your system as effectively. 


Should you’re on a low dose of metformin, the period it stays in your system is decrease than for somebody who’s on the utmost each day dose of metformin, which is roughly 2,550 milligrams (mg) per day. 

Should you’re taking the utmost dose, count on the medicine to remain in your system for much longer than it does for somebody who could also be taking solely, say, 500 mg per day. 

How lengthy you’ve taken the drug 

Should you’ve been on metformin for 10 years and cease taking it, the drug could keep in your system for longer than it does for somebody who took the medicine for one week after which stopped. 

Whereas drugs take some time to construct up within the system, in addition they take some time to interrupt down, even should you’re not actively taking the medicine. 

How lengthy does it take metformin to get out of your system?

It takes roughly 5.5 occasions the elimination half-life for metformin to be utterly cleared out of your physique which is:

5.5 x 17.6 hours = 96.8 hours 

That being mentioned, it’s utterly superb (and anticipated) so that you can take your metformin dose extra typically than each 4 days, however that is how lengthy it will take to utterly clear out of your physique in case your kidneys are functioning correctly. 

Totally different programs within the physique could clear metformin quicker than others, however inside 4 days, you should have a negligible quantity of metformin left in your physique. 

Steadily requested questions

Can I combine metformin with different drugs?

Metformin can negatively work together with different prescribed drugs, so at all times inform your physician about all drugs you presently take should you’ve not too long ago been prescribed metformin. Should you’re on metformin, ensure you inform your physician earlier than beginning any new drugs.

Metformin can work together with:

  • insulin
  • sulfonylureas chlorpropamide [brand name Diabinese] 
  • glimepiride [Amaryl]
  • glipizide [Glucotrol]
  • glyburide [DiaBeta, Glynase, Micronase]
  • tolazamide [Tolinase])
  • meglitinides (repaglinide [Prandin]and nateglinide [Starlix]

It could additionally work together with diuretics, steroids, and corticosteroids.

It could generally work together with substances in such a manner that the danger of lactic acidosis (which, as famous earlier, could be deadly) is elevated.

Your physician might want you to utterly be weaned off metformin earlier than beginning one other drug.

I forgot to carry my metformin on trip. How lengthy will it final? 

Metformin can be lively in your physique for 4 days, however it’s possible you’ll discover increased blood sugar ranges inside 1 or 2 days of a missed dose.

Take your subsequent really useful dose as quickly as you possibly can, however by no means “stack” your doses to make up for missed days. 

Can I drink alcohol whereas on metformin?

Alcohol can have unfavorable interactions with metformin, together with an elevated threat of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). It is very important observe all tips and directions on any prescription drugs you are taking. 

That mentioned, with their physician’s OK, many individuals do drink alcohol whereas taking metformin. Moderation is vital.

Common tips are the next: For ladies, a average quantity of alcohol is not any multiple drink per day, and for males, a average quantity is not more than two drinks per day. 

In response to the Nationwide Institutes of Well being, a drink is taken into account to be 12 ounces (oz) of standard beer, 5 oz of wine, or 1.5 oz of 80-proof distilled spirits.

Ultimate ideas

After 4 days, most individuals can have cleared metformin from their programs. 

Should you’re experiencing extreme unwanted side effects from metformin, your signs ought to be alleviated after you’ve stopped taking the drug for these preliminary 96.8 hours. 

There are not any meals that you just completely should keep away from when taking metformin, but when nausea is making you need to keep away from sure meals, this symptom ought to go away after 4 days with out metformin. 

Should you’re taking metformin and select to drink alcohol, it’s necessary to know that this will elevate your threat of experiencing low blood sugar, significantly should you’re additionally utilizing insulin.

In case you are contemplating weaning off metformin utterly, make sure to work together with your physician earlier than adjusting your dose to reduce the danger of unfavorable unwanted side effects like excessive blood sugar (hyperglycemia). 

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