Watermelon & Diabetes: A Wholesome Snack or a Sugar Bomb?

There may be typically nothing higher than a refreshing slice of watermelon, particularly on a scorching afternoon. 

The fruit is just about ubiquitous at household meals, BBQs, and social gatherings within the summertime, and is grown worldwide. Actually, there are over 1,000 completely different styles of watermelon! 

However what makes for a enjoyable, refreshing snack for most individuals can have blood sugar penalties for individuals residing with diabetes. 

This text will define the professionals and cons of consuming watermelon for individuals residing with diabetes and the way (and if!) it’s best to incorporate this fruit into your life and day by day food plan. 

Watermelon & Diabetes: A Wholesome Snack or a Sugar Bomb?

What are the well being advantages of consuming watermelon?

Consuming watermelon can have many advantages. Beneath are the well being advantages to repeatedly consuming this pink, candy fruit. 

Filled with nutritional vitamins and minerals

Watermelon incorporates a wide range of nutritional vitamins and minerals, together with potassium, magnesium, and nutritional vitamins A and C. It additionally has few energy for being a fruit, with solely 46 energy per cup. 

It is usually extraordinarily straightforward to bolus insulin for, as a cup of watermelon solely has 11.5 carbohydrates. 

The brilliant pink colour signifies it’s a wealthy supply of antioxidants like carotenoids, lycopene, and cucurbitacin E that aren’t solely good for you, however make you’re feeling good, too! 

Could relieve muscle soreness and enhance train efficiency

Watermelon additionally incorporates citrulline, an amino acid that will assist enhance train efficiency in athletes. Supplementing with citrulline also can assist scale back muscle soreness in individuals who train. 

The way it works is that this compound helps to develop blood vessels, relieving the guts of additional exertion to pump blood all through the physique, thus enhancing train efficiency and restoration. 

Watermelon is nice as a result of it supplies not solely citrulline, but in addition much-needed hydration throughout train. 

One research gave three teams completely different concoctions: one with simply watermelon juice, one other with watermelon juice supplemented with further citrulline, and a management drink. Each drinks that had watermelon juice in them skilled improved muscle soreness after train and improved coronary heart charge restoration than the group that had the management drink. 

Watermelon may also be good for individuals with diabetes, who when exercising, might require a low blood sugar snack. Watermelon supplies simply sufficient carbohydrates to assist deal with the low blood sugar, with out overdoing it on the carbohydrates or sugar. 

Plus, it’s a pure supply of power, with no added elements or chemical substances. 

Could enhance pores and skin well being 

The nutritional vitamins present in watermelon are essential for the well being and upkeep of your pores and skin. Vitamin C, when both eaten, drank, or utilized topically, helps the physique produce collagen, a protein that retains hair sturdy and pores and skin youthful and supple. 

One research discovered the next consumption of Vitamin C was correlated with a decrease likelihood of growing dry pores and skin and wrinkles. Greatest but, one serving of watermelon incorporates 14% of your day by day really helpful consumption of Vitamin C! 

Vitamin A can be crucial for pores and skin well being, because it helps to restore broken pores and skin cells and create new ones. It additionally promotes wound therapeutic. 

One serving of watermelon incorporates 5% of your day by day really helpful consumption of this vitamin. 

Could support in digestion 

Along with its plethora of nutritional vitamins, minerals, and wholesome antioxidants, watermelon incorporates 0.6 grams of fiber per serving, which is critical for wholesome digestion. 

Water and fiber assist meals transfer by the bowels extra simply, and together with loads of wholesome vegetables and fruit in your food plan can forestall diarrhea, constipation, and points with digestion. 

Consuming fiber typically can preserve your bowel actions common, too. 

One research discovered that individuals who had low fluid and low fiber consumption have been extra more likely to undergo from constipation. All of the extra purpose to incorporate watermelon in your food plan! 

One other research discovered that consuming watermelon was correlated with weight reduction and emotions of satiety, which is a welcome signal for anybody seeking to reduce weight! 

The downsides of consuming watermelon

Consuming watermelon may have some downsides, particularly you probably have diabetes. Beneath are a number of the causes it’s possible you’ll select to keep away from this fruit. 

Watermelon is generally carbohydrates 

Though this candy fruit supplies a supply of a wide range of nutritional vitamins and minerals, there are not any different macronutrients of observe: watermelon is generally carbohydrates, with no protein or fats. 

This may make it a tough meals to eat you probably have diabetes as a result of meals which are solely carbohydrates are likely to spike blood sugars sooner. 

Actually, watermelon has a glycemic index (GI) of 80, however as a result of the carbohydrates are fairly low for a fruit, the glycemic load is barely 5. 

Pairing watermelon with a fatty or protein-rich facet can assist curb the short rise in blood sugar that you could be see when consuming the fruit. 

It isn’t very filling 

Watermelon is so scrumptious, however it isn’t a really filling snack. This may lead individuals to overeat it fairly repeatedly. Remember that a serving dimension of watermelon is one cup, which is equal to a one-inch-thick slice of a typical melon. 

Nevertheless, individuals have a tendency to return to seconds and thirds, as a result of the fruit is over 90% water! 

Whereas one serving has 11 grams of carbohydrates, having 3 or extra servings can flip this deal with right into a high-carbohydrate, high-calorie dessert fairly shortly. 

It might trigger cardiovascular issues

Individuals who undergo from critical hyperkalemia (excessive potassium ranges) mustn’t eat a couple of cup of watermelon per day. 

Potassium is essential for sustaining electrolyte perform within the physique, conserving muscle tissue and bones sturdy, and for coronary heart well being. 

Nevertheless, if you have already got excessive potassium ranges, consuming watermelon could cause an overabundance of potassium within the blood, inflicting a weak pulse charge, irregular heartbeats, and different cardiovascular issues.


Watermelon is a candy, ubiquitous, low-cost, and plentiful fruit that’s an especially in style snack, facet dish, and dessert to take pleasure in on a scorching day. 

It incorporates a wide range of helpful nutritional vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, and is low in each energy and carbohydrates. It could possibly contribute each to digestive and pores and skin well being and will contribute to enhanced athletic efficiency and decreased muscle soreness when loved sparsely.

Nevertheless, for individuals with diabetes, portion management and meals pairing is essential, as watermelon supplies solely carbohydrate with little fiber and no protein or fats. 

It’s best eaten when paired with each protein and fats, because it doesn’t include these macronutrients that curb blood sugar spikes. Bolusing insulin for watermelon could also be troublesome, however with cautious carbohydrate counting and measuring with portion management, it’s manageable. 

Moreover, it’s not too filling, so consuming a number of servings is one thing somebody with diabetes must be cognizant of. 

As a high-potassium fruit, individuals with excessive blood ranges of potassium ought to seek the advice of their doctor earlier than having fun with watermelon. Extreme dietary potassium in these with excessive blood potassium ranges can have unfavorable well being penalties corresponding to coronary heart palpitations and weak pulse. Seek the advice of along with your private doctor or dietitian earlier than including watermelon to your plate. 

As with most fruits, moderation is essential! 

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