The Daybreak Phenomenon: What It Is and Handle It

The “Daybreak Phenomenon” or “Daybreak Impact” is a time period describing when individuals dwelling with diabetes expertise excessive blood sugar within the morning.

Having your blood sugar rise sharply earlier than you even get up within the morning could make managing your diabetes tougher for the remainder of the day, so it’s necessary to determine in case you are experiencing Daybreak Phenomenon and make a plan for coping with it. 

This text will define what precisely Daybreak Phenomenon is and learn how to higher handle it, so its results don’t go on to spoil your day. 

The Daybreak Phenomenon: What It Is and  Handle It

What’s the Daybreak Phenomenon? 

Daybreak Phenomenon is a situation skilled in individuals with both sort 1 or sort 2 diabetes.

It’s excessive blood sugar ranges and insulin resistance individuals expertise within the morning, normally between 2 a.m. and eight a.m. 

It normally requires extra insulin within the bloodstream throughout these hours to maintain blood sugar ranges regular. 

Some individuals want as much as double the quantity of insulin of their bloodstream in a single day to assist fight the excessive blood sugars attributable to Daybreak Phenomenon. 

Individuals with out diabetes expertise the Daybreak Phenomenon as properly, however their pancreas will increase its insulin secretion to stop excessive blood sugars. Individuals with diabetes don’t have that luxurious. 

It’s estimated that over 50% of individuals with diabetes undergo from some extent of Daybreak Phenomenon! 

What causes Daybreak Phenomenon? 

This organic course of dates again to prehistoric occasions, when people advanced to have increased blood sugars (and thus extra “vitality”) within the morning to gasoline their looking and gathering to search out meals for the day. 

The causes of Daybreak Phenomenon are principally hormonal: the pure in a single day launch of counter-regulatory hormones, similar to progress hormone, adrenaline, cortisol, epinephrine, and glucagon will increase insulin resistance, leading to increased blood sugar ranges in a single day and within the morning. 

Moreover, two different processes happen within the liver in a single day that consequence within the launch of glucose into the blood, contributing to increased blood sugars: 

  • Glycogenolysis, which is the breakdown and launch of saved glucose 
  • Gluconeogenesis, which is the creation of glucose from parts of protein or fats 

Different causes of morning excessive blood sugar can embrace inadequate night mealtime insulin, inadequate insulin basal charges in a single day, and even rebound excessive blood sugars from going low in a single day. 

It’s necessary that you simply don’t blame your self for experiencing excessive blood sugar ranges from the Daybreak Phenomenon! 

It is a troubling situation for everybody dwelling with diabetes, and it’s only a matter of determining learn how to greatest handle and stop it with out blaming your self or feeling responsible. 

What are the signs of Daybreak Phenomenon? 

The signs of Daybreak Phenomenon are the identical as having excessive blood sugar, they usually embrace:

  • Fatigue
  • Thirst
  • Have to urinate
  • Headache
  • Physique ache 
  • Dry eyes
  • Blurry imaginative and prescient

check for Daybreak Phenomenon

For those who discover that you simply usually have excessive blood sugar within the morning, you possibly can arrange a testing routine for a couple of nights to find out if Daybreak Phenomenon is the trigger.

To do that, check your blood sugar on the following occasions:

  • earlier than going to mattress
  • within the early morning, similar to between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. (set an alarm clock to wake you up)
  • as quickly as you get up

For those who see that your blood sugar is steady from you go to mattress till the early morning after which rises, you’re almost certainly experiencing Daybreak Phenomenon. 

NOTE: When you have a steady glucose monitor (CGM), you don’t have to do that check as you possibly can simply take a look at the in a single day blood sugar graph it offers. 

A blood sugar graph like that is typical for Daybreak Phenomenon:

The Daybreak Phenomenon: What It Is and  Handle It

How excessive a blood sugar is taken into account Daybreak Phenomenon? 

Your diabetes expertise will range, however something increased than is regular for you is taken into account Daybreak Phenomenon. 

In case you are waking up with higher-than-normal blood sugar ranges a number of mornings per week, it could be time to contact your healthcare supplier about readjusting your insulin settings and/or night routine to assist mitigate the problem. 

That you must search assist earlier than you expertise any long-term injury or issues. 

Long run penalties

If left unaddressed, years of experiencing the Daybreak Phenomenon and excessive blood sugars for almost all of the day may end up in diabetes issues similar to: 

  • Coronary heart Illness
  • Stroke
  • Neuropathy, particularly within the toes 
  • Decrease leg amputations
  • Kidney illness 
  • Diabetic Retinopathy of the attention
  • Untimely demise 

Addressing excessive blood sugars chances are you’ll be experiencing when you sleep and into the morning can assist stop and/or delay many (if not most!) of those frequent issues of diabetes. 

How are you going to handle the Daybreak Phenomenon? 

Work along with your physician to give you some options that can work to raised handle the Daybreak Phenomenon chances are you’ll be experiencing, and at all times examine along with your physician first earlier than adjusting any diabetes drugs and/or insulin settings. 

Another methods might embrace:

  • Keep away from numerous carbohydrates or snacks with added sugar at bedtime
  • Rising your protein-to-carbohydrate ratios of night meals and snacks 
  • Get loads of sleep, between 7-8 hours nightly
  • Consuming extra water within the night and don’t drink liquids with added sugar 
  • Eat dinner earlier within the night  
  • Eat a breakfast decrease in carbohydrates, to assist handle any increased blood sugars 
  • Modify your doses of insulin and/or diabetic drugs
  • Train earlier than bedtime 
  • Change from a number of each day injections (MDI) to an insulin pump that may make automated insulin changes when you sleep 
  • Change from an everyday insulin pump to a hybrid-closed-loop insulin pump, such because the TSlim Management IQ or Omnipod 5
  • Change the time at which you’re taking your night drugs  
  • Cut up your night dose of long-acting insulin into two doses (examine along with your physician) 
  • Change to a special medicine that could be extra efficacious for you 

For a really complete and in-depth information to managing Daybreak Phenomenon if you happen to use insulin, learn the article Managing Daybreak Phenomenon with Basal Insulin 

Different causes for top morning blood sugars

Whereas Daybreak Phenomenon is the most typical purpose for top morning blood sugar, it’s not the one one. Two different phenomenons may also trigger your blood glucose to extend within the morning:

Ft on the ground syndrome

Ft on the flor syndrome is what occurs once you get up with regular blood sugar ranges, however as quickly as you begin transferring round within the morning, your blood sugar rises, even with out consuming something. 

This is actually because your physique is releasing counterregulatory hormones, like glucagon and epinephrine, when you’ve began transferring round. 

Some easy options for this can be to extend your morning basal insulin fee, or if you happen to’re not on an insulin pump, to take a small dose of insulin upon waking. 

You’ll be able to be taught extra about learn how to handle toes on the ground syndrome in our information Keep away from Excessive Morning Blood Sugar

The Samogyi impact

The Samogyi impact additionally ends in excessive blood sugars upon waking, however for slightly little bit of a special purpose. 

if insulin launched in a single day brings your blood sugars too low, your physique will naturally launch hormones, similar to glucagon and epinephrine, spiking your blood sugar in a rebound excessive. 

That is extra frequent in individuals with sort 1 diabetes than sort 2 as a result of everybody with sort 1 diabetes takes exogenous insulin and it’s this insulin that’s bringing your blood sugar too low in a single day. 

To counteract this, it may be useful if you happen to put on a steady glucose monitor (CGM) and observe your blood sugars in a single day to see if you happen to’re dipping too low. 

Decreasing your insulin to carbohydrate ratio at dinner, or decreasing your in a single day basal charges can assist alleviate this from taking place. 

You’ll be able to learn to take care of the Samogyi Impact in our information What’s The Samogyi Impact

Different potential causes of excessive morning blood sugars embrace however will not be restricted to:

  • any new drugs you’re taking
  • hormonal adjustments
  • being pregnant
  • insulin resistance
  • a failed insulin pump and/or CGM web site
  • stress
  • lack of sleep
  • a miscalculation of a night bolus 

When to hunt care

Excessive morning blood sugars will not be extra harmful than excessive blood sugars at different occasions of the day, so that you don’t want pressing care since you expertise Daybreak Phenomenon.

Nonetheless, as a result of Daybreak Phenomenon could be a persistent situation, it could result in long-term diabetes issues. 

The Nationwide Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Illnesses (NIDDK) subsequently recommends that you simply see your physician or endocrinologist in case your morning blood sugar is excessive greater than thrice in a 2-week interval.

Your physician can assist you establish in case you are experiencing Daybreak Phenomenon and counsel adjustments to your way of life, medicine, and diabetes administration. 


Everybody on the planet experiences the Daybreak Phenomenon, however individuals with insulin-dependent diabetes are most inclined to the insulin resistance and cussed excessive blood sugars that consequence from this pure, hormonal incidence. 

It’s nothing to really feel responsible about, nor be ashamed about, however by taking proactive steps, you possibly can assist mitigate, handle, and even stop the Daybreak Phenomenon from ruining your day and diabetes administration. 

The Daybreak Phenomenon could be harmful if skilled long-term, resulting in diabetes issues. 

Remember to implement prevention methods, similar to incorporating night train, limiting carbohydrates at dinner, and rising your protein-to-carbohydrate ratios, if you happen to’re commonly scuffling with the Daybreak Phenomenon. 

All the time work along with your physician first earlier than adjusting any basal/bolus insulin settings (if you happen to’re on an insulin pump), splitting your night dose of long-acting insulin, or rising your insulin doses. 

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