Ozempic and Alcohol: Can You Drink Whereas Taking Ozempic?

In case you’ve not too long ago been prescribed or have began taking Ozempic and also you drink alcohol, it’s possible you’ll be questioning if combining these is wholesome, advisable, and even protected. 

This text will discover what occurs whenever you drink alcohol whereas taking Ozempic, the potential uncomfortable side effects, and how one can safely drink alcohol whereas taking Ozempic.

Ozempic and Alcohol: Can You Drink Whereas Taking Ozempic?

What occurs whenever you drink alcohol whereas taking Ozempic?

Consuming alcohol whereas taking any prescription medicine may be complicated, so at all times discuss together with your physician for those who’re not sure of how medicines might react to one thing you’re about to drink. 

In case you determine to drink alcohol whereas taking Ozempic, a number of issues might happen that you will need to pay attention to:

  • In case you take Ozempic and also you’re on insulin, you might be extra susceptible to low blood sugars
  • Alcohol is thought to have an effect on blood sugar ranges 
  • Alcohol might impair your judgment 
  • Alcohol, over time, will increase the chance of hypertension, stroke, liver illness, and coronary heart and kidney illness, that are additionally problems of diabetes 
  • Alcohol can exacerbate Ozempic uncomfortable side effects, similar to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and urge for food suppression 

The Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention (CDC) recommends not more than 1 drink per day for girls and not more than two drinks per day for males. 

In case you are or suspect you might be combating alcohol habit, contact your physician for remedy choices instantly or name the Substance Abuse and Psychological Well being Companies Administration hotline, open 24 hours a day. 

Ozempic and alcohol’s impact on blood sugar ranges 

It’s necessary to notice that Ozempic and alcohol are each highly effective substances that may trigger antagonistic uncomfortable side effects in individuals dwelling with diabetes. 

A kind of uncomfortable side effects is low blood sugar. Alcohol is thought to trigger low blood sugar ranges, generally dangerously so, in individuals who take insulin. 

Ozempic, whereas not inflicting acute low blood sugar ranges, lowers blood sugars over time. 

Combining alcohol and Ozempic (to not point out for those who’re additionally on insulin that decrease blood sugar ranges) will trigger blood sugars to fall. 

It’s necessary to be aware of low blood sugar signs, which may be tougher to detect for those who’re consuming. These embody:

  • Shakiness
  • Speedy coronary heart fee 
  • Shallow respiration
  • Nervousness
  • Weak spot
  • Fatigue 
  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • If extreme, unconsciousness 

If left untreated, severely low blood sugar can flip right into a diabetic coma, which is life-threatening and requires emergency medical help. 

Must you drink alcohol whereas taking Ozempic? 

In case you don’t presently drink alcohol, there isn’t a motive to begin. There isn’t any “really useful” quantity of alcohol that somebody ought to drink. 

Nevertheless, there isn’t a direct drug interplay between consuming alcohol and utilizing Ozempic. Many individuals who take Ozempic do take pleasure in alcohol. 

In case you’re a average drinker and wish to take pleasure in a drink sometimes, the truth that you utilize Ozempic is not going to be dangerous to you. 

It is very important solely drink moderately and to be cautious of low blood sugars. 

How you can drink safely when you have got diabetes 

There are some extra pointers for consuming alcohol in case you have diabetes, together with:

  • By no means drink alcohol whereas your blood sugar is low
  • Don’t drink heavy alcohol when you have got plenty of insulin on board (IOB)
  • Alternate consuming alcoholic drinks with water to remain hydrated 
  • Stick with individuals who know you have got diabetes 
  • Don’t drink alcohol on an empty abdomen 
  • All the time have low-blood sugar snacks with you (glucose tabs or juice) 
  • Take a look at your blood sugar earlier than, throughout, and after consuming, particularly earlier than you fall asleep
  • In case you’re consuming within the night, have a snack earlier than you go to mattress (one thing with fats and protein will stabilize your blood sugar in a single day) 
  • Put on a steady glucose monitor (CGM)
  • Put on a medical ID bracelet in case of an emergency 
  • All the time let somebody know the place you’re going and whenever you anticipate to be again

Steadily requested questions 

How a lot alcohol are you able to drink whereas taking Ozempic?

It’s by no means suggested to binge drink, particularly whereas taking diabetes medicines that will trigger low blood sugar like Ozempic. 

Nevertheless, when moderately (1 drink per day for girls and not more than 2 drinks per day for males), consuming alcohol is okay for most individuals who take Ozempic. Speak to your physician in case you have questions or issues. 

How lengthy after taking Ozempic are you able to drink alcohol?

In contrast to insulin, Ozempic doesn’t trigger acute low blood sugar ranges, and it doesn’t react to meals or drinks (together with alcohol) the way in which insulin does. What you eat or drink earlier than or after taking Ozempic is not going to change its effectiveness. 

Nevertheless, by no means drink alcohol on an empty abdomen or throughout a low blood sugar. 

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Does Ozempic make you not need alcohol? 

The reply to this query continues to be unsure. Nevertheless, research have proven that rats who’re given glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) agonists, like Ozempic, exhibit much less want for alcohol than rats not given the medicine. Related findings have been found in mice and GLP-1 agonists for opioids, nicotine, and cocaine as effectively. 

This has but to be studied totally in people, however the hyperlink between Ozempic and treating habit issues could also be a promising discovering within the coming months and years. 

In a single scientific trial, members identified with weight problems who acquired GLP-1 agonist remedy and behavioral cognitive remedy (CBT) drank considerably much less alcohol than those that solely took the placebo together with remedy. 

The researchers additionally took scans of the members’ brains once they checked out photos of alcoholic drinks and located that in individuals who had been taking the GLP-1 agonists, the areas of their brains concerned as well as lit as much as a a lot lesser extent than those that weren’t on the medicine. 

Anecdotally, physicians are reporting that their sufferers are dropping their style for alcohol nearly utterly as soon as beginning Ozempic. If that is your expertise, it’s not out of the norm. 

Will I have the ability to really feel my low blood sugars if I’m on Ozempic and drink alcohol? 

Detecting your low blood sugars correctly whereas consuming alcohol is an issue for many individuals with diabetes as a result of low blood sugar and feeling tipsy or drunk may be very related sensations. 

Ozempic can complicate issues additional, as a result of feeling nauseous, dizzy, weak, and vomiting are uncomfortable side effects of Ozempic, however may additionally be current for those who’re experiencing low blood sugar, or for those who’ve simply drank an excessive amount of. 

This is the reason it’s essential to by no means drink an excessive amount of, to observe your blood sugars the complete time you’re consuming, and to at all times carry fast-acting low snacks with you for those who’re out consuming, similar to glucose tablets or juice. 

Backside line

In case you’ve not too long ago began Ozempic, your physician might ask that you just chorus from consuming till your physique will get used to the medicine and till your new insulin ranges stabilize (for those who’re on insulin), which may take a number of weeks to a month. 

Nevertheless, after you’ve been taking Ozempic for a while, consuming alcohol is not going to have a direct drug interplay with this commonly-prescribed diabetes medicine. 

The short-term results of consuming alcohol and taking Ozempic embody the elevated chance of low blood sugar ranges, so be cautious of that. 

The longer-term results of consuming alcohol embody kidney and liver failure, and elevated threat of stroke and coronary heart illness, that are additionally problems of diabetes. 

Speak together with your physician in case you have questions or issues about taking Ozempic and consuming alcohol and search assist for those who’re combating alcohol habit. 

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