Metformin Dosage Information (Min and Max Doses)

For many individuals with diabetes, taking metformin is an efficient method to enhance blood sugar ranges and probably drop some weight.

However the remedy routine can get complicated, since there are various various kinds of metformin and dosing approaches out there. 

Determining which sort of metformin to take and the way a lot can take effort and time, and it ought to all the time be accomplished alongside your physician. 

This text will clarify all the pieces it’s good to find out about metformin dosing for every kind of metformin.

Key Factors:

  • Metformin is obtainable in varied types, together with standard-release tablets, liquid kind, and extended-release tablets. Every kind comes with particular dosing directions to swimsuit completely different wants.
  • Usually, metformin remedy begins with a decrease dose, reminiscent of 500 milligrams (mg) twice day by day or 850 mg as soon as day by day. The precise dosage is tailor-made based mostly on particular person well being elements beneath the steerage of a healthcare skilled.
  • For adults, the day by day metformin dosage shouldn’t exceed 2,550 mg. It’s essential to stay to the prescribed dosage, notably when metformin is utilized in mixture with insulin, to keep away from extreme unwanted effects and issues.

What are the other ways of taking metformin? 

Earlier than diving into the completely different dosages, it’s vital to know that there are a number of other ways of taking metformin. 

Most individuals take metformin orally within the type of a pill. There are two sorts of oral tablets: immediate-release (IR) and extended-release (XR or ER). 

Common metformin tablets act extra shortly and could also be taken extra typically, whereas extended-release tablets could cut back the severity of unwanted effects and could also be taken much less typically. 

By no means chew, crush, or break a metformin pill. 

Metformin can be out there in liquid kind for kids and individuals who have problem swallowing drugs. 

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What metformin dosage do you usually begin remedy with? 

Metformin is usually a really secure drug for many teams of individuals, however if you end up prescribed metformin, your physician will in all probability begin you out on a small dose to assist keep away from adverse unwanted effects, reminiscent of diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. 

Your physician will decide your private dose based mostly in your weight, well being standing, and well being objectives. Your beneficial beginning dose might be on the remedy’s directions that you’ll obtain on the pharmacy. 

Usually, most individuals begin on 500 mg of metformin twice a day or 850 mg of metformin as soon as day by day. For those who’re seeing optimistic outcomes with out adverse unwanted effects, your physician will improve your dose from there as wanted. 

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What’s a typical metformin dose? 

The next are basic pointers for typical doses. All the time examine along with your physician. If these pointers define much less or extra metformin than you’re at the moment taking, do NOT change your dose with out consulting your physician first. 

Oral dose, tablets 


  • At first 500 mg twice per day taken with meals or 850 mg taken as soon as per day with a night meal. Not more than 2,550 mg per day. 
  • For those who take metformin with a sulfonylurea (one other class of kind 2 diabetes drug), your metformin dose might be decided by your physician 
  • For those who take metformin with insulin, 500 mg metformin per day. Not more than 2,500 mg per day. 


  • Kids 10-16 years previous: 500 mg twice per day, taken with meals. Not more than 2,000 mg per day. 
  • Kids beneath 10: To be decided by your baby’s physician. 

Oral dose, extended-release tablets 


  • Metformin (model title Fortamet*): 1,000 mg is often taken as soon as per day with the night meal. Not more than 2,500 mg per day.
  • Metformin (Glucophage XR): 500 mg taken as soon as day by day with a night meal. Not more than 2,000 mg per day. 
  • Metformin (Glumetza): 500 mg taken as soon as day by day with a night meal. Not more than 2,000 mg per day. 
  • Metformin with a sulfonylurea will depend upon what your physician recommends.
  • Metformin with insulin would require 500 mg metformin as soon as a day. Not more than 2,500 mg per day. 


  • To be decided by your baby’s physician. 

*Every kind of extended-release metformin makes use of a special technique for permitting the drugs to be absorbed slowly within the gastrointestinal tract, and so the completely different manufacturers of drugs will not be thought-about to be interchangeable with each other.

(Notice that when utilizing the extended-release type of the pill, it’s frequent and never a trigger for concern to seek out a part of the pill in your stool. This happens after the remedy has been absorbed by your physique.)

Oral dose, extended-release suspension 


  • 5 mL as soon as per day, taken with a night meal. Not more than 20 mL per day.


  • Kids 10-16 years previous: 5 mL as soon as per day, taken with a night meal. Not more than 20 mL per day.
  • Kids beneath 10: To be decided by your baby’s physician. 

Oral dose, answer/sachet 


  • 5 mL twice a day, or 8.5 mL as soon as a day with meals. Not more than 25.5 mL per day. 
  • Metformin with a sulfonylurea might be decided by your physician. 
  • Metformin with insulin, at first 5 mL as soon as a day. Not more than 25 mL per day. 


  • Kids 10-16 years previous: 5 mL twice a day with meals, not more than 20 mL per day. 
  • Kids beneath 10: To be decided by your baby’s physician. 

Metformin will also be taken as a part of different mixture therapies. For those who take a metformin mixture drug, talk about dosing choices along with your physician.

How and when do you improve your metformin dose? 

To start with, by no means take extra metformin than you’re prescribed. 

For those who’re new to metformin and are on a decrease dose, your physician will more than likely need you to remain on that for a number of weeks or a month to observe you for any adverse signs, together with diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. 

For those who’re tolerating the remedy effectively, not experiencing troublesome unwanted effects, and are seeing improved blood sugar ranges, your physician could wish to improve your dose. 

This isn’t one thing that you are able to do with out your physician’s steerage, nonetheless. 

Even should you have been to strive, your medical health insurance will solely cowl the quantity of metformin that you just’ve had prescribed to you, so should you begin rising your dose with out letting your physician know, you’ll shortly run out of remedy. 

Nonetheless, normally, your physician may have no motive to not improve your dose should you’re doing effectively on metformin and want to improve it. This is not going to occur instantaneously, although. Anticipate to be in your beginning dose of metformin for as much as a month after initiating remedy. 

What’s the proper dose for you?

This will solely be decided by you and your physician and can rely in your weight, blood sugar administration, and motive for taking metformin. 

Increased doses could yield extra weight reduction, and should you’ve been prescribed metformin (off-label) to help in shedding pounds, your dose could also be increased to assist additional fight insulin resistance (a situation wherein the physique doesn’t use insulin effectively). 

However, in case your physique mass index (BMI, a measure of weight relative to top) is decrease, you’re youthful, otherwise you’re solely on metformin for blood sugar administration, you might be prescribed a smaller dose. 

What’s the proper dose for weight reduction? 

The U.S. Meals and Drug Administration (FDA) has not permitted metformin as a standalone weight-loss drug. Nonetheless, many individuals with kind 2 or prediabetes who take metformin do expertise a modest quantity of weight reduction. 

This is because of elevated insulin sensitivity, improved blood sugar ranges, and suppressed urge for food. As a result of metformin isn’t permitted for weight reduction, there isn’t a beneficial dose for weight reduction. 

Nonetheless, one examine discovered that individuals who misplaced greater than 5 % of their physique weight within the first 12 months of the trial taking metformin have been in a position to keep their weight reduction all through years 6-15 higher in comparison with those that didn’t take metformin. 

Weight reduction is modest, nonetheless. A big examine of over 4,000 folks with kind 2 diabetes discovered that metformin was solely related to a mean of 5 kilos of weight reduction over a four-year interval. 

Metformin is greatest used along with wholesome consuming and train for wholesome weight reduction.

What’s the most day by day dose?

The utmost dose per day of metformin is 2,550 mg. For those who’ve unintentionally taken greater than that in a single day, search emergency medical assist instantly, particularly in case you are on insulin. 

Overdosing on metformin could cause deadly low blood sugars and excessive nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea and will be arduous to regulate. 

Closing ideas

Navigating the world of metformin dosing will be advanced, but it surely’s a vital step in successfully managing kind 2 diabetes. Keep in mind, the journey begins with a well-considered beginning dose and includes cautious changes over time. 

Whereas metformin provides flexibility with its varied types and dosing schedules, it’s vital to observe your healthcare supplier’s steerage to seek out the dose that most closely fits your private well being wants.

Above all, security must be the highest precedence. By staying knowledgeable, working intently along with your physician, and sticking to the prescribed routine, you may make metformin a precious ally in your diabetes administration plan.

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