Insulin Injection Websites: The Finest Locations to Inject

If you happen to take insulin to handle your diabetes, you can be taking anyplace from 1 to 10 injections per day. 

And the place you inject your insulin issues — not solely as a result of sure areas of the physique are extra ideally suited than others, but in addition as a result of it’s necessary to make use of quite a lot of areas.

On this article, we’ll focus on all the things you have to find out about insulin injection websites.

Insulin Injection Websites: The Finest Locations to Inject

Why it issues the place you inject your insulin

Insulin is designed to be injected (or delivered through an insulin pump) into physique fats — often known as “subcutaneous tissue.”

The speed at which your insulin is absorbed is essentially primarily based on the idea that it’s being injected into fats, reasonably than muscle. 

When a pharmaceutical firm tells you that the “onset” of your Novolog or Humalog insulin is quarter-hour, for instance, that’s primarily based on when it’s injected into physique fats. The “peak” of its efficacy and the “length” of it staying in your bloodstream are additionally depending on it being injected into physique fats — not muscle.


What are the perfect injection websites for insulin?

The perfect injection websites for insulin are quite a lot of places in your physique which can be each straightforward to succeed in and comprise enough physique fats. (The leaner you’re, the extra you might have to “pinch” your layer of fats to be able to keep away from injecting into muscle.

  • Stomach fats
  • Aspect-torso fats (“love deal with” space)
  • Decrease again fats
  • Thigh fats (on the outer or inside sides of your leg)
  • Butt fats (higher, center, sides, and so on.)
  • Arm (again or sides)

These areas are the most probably to have sufficient physique fats to comfortably inject insulin into utilizing a pen or syringe. 


Why it’s best to rotate your insulin injections

Each time you inject insulin right into a sure space of your physique, that location of pores and skin and physique fats is “injured” and has to heal. Over the course of years injecting insulin into your physique, scar tissue will develop. 

You could not see proof of that scar-tissue on the surface of your physique, however it’s there on the within.

The extra you inject insulin into the again of your arm, the extra scar tissue will develop there. As individuals with diabetes, it’s very straightforward to get into the behavior of injecting into the identical spot time and again as a result of it’s straightforward to succeed in and comfy to entry in the midst of a restaurant, for instance.

However scar tissue will considerably have an effect on your physique’s means to soak up the insulin from that final injection, and you can find yourself needing extra insulin to do the identical job although your insulin wants didn’t change. As an alternative, it’s simply scar-tissue built-up and interfering with the absorption of your insulin dose.

Rotating your injection websites is important. 

  • If you happen to used your left arm to your lunchtime injection, it’s best to use your proper arm to your dinnertime injection.
  • If you happen to used the left aspect of your bum to your long-acting insulin injection final night time, it’s best to use your proper aspect for tonight’s injection.

The extra you may rotate the areas of your physique and the precise spots on every space, the much less scar-tissue will build-up and the extra simply your physique will take up that insulin.


How I rotate my insulin injection websites

Whereas I exploit my stomach and arms for my rapid-acting injections, I exploit my glutes and decrease again for all of my basal (long-acting insulin) injections. 

I’ve a really home-made but in addition very efficient method of holding monitor of my injections so I bear in mind to rotate them.

To ensure that I do correct injection rotation, I’ve a bit of paper the place I observe down my injections (see picture beneath). I often swap from proper to left aspect every day and can begin with injecting proper above the bikini line, then swap to beneath the bikini line, and lastly inject alongside the bikini line.

Insulin Injection Websites: The Finest Locations to Inject

This rotation sample takes me a couple of month to get by means of earlier than I begin over again. To date, that has labored very well for me. I’ve no lumps and my insulin absorption continues to be actually good after 20 years with diabetes.


Lipodystrophy: a side-effect of not rotating injection websites

Lipodystrophy (LD) is a situation affecting physique fats tissue and it’s quite common in individuals who take a number of every day insulin injections. Different variations embody “lipohypertrophy” (LH) or “lipoatrophy” (LA). All of which concern harm, scar-tissue or arduous lumps within the fatty tissue the place you’ve been injecting insulin.

One of the best ways to stop LD from growing in your personal pores and skin tissue is by ensuring you rotate your inject websites and aren’t repeatedly injecting insulin into the very same space of tissue.

If you have already got indicators of LD, you may discuss to your main care and ask for a referral to a dermatologist for additional steerage on lowering it.

By no means inject two forms of insulin in the identical space on the identical time

You also needs to understand that you do not need to inject two several types of insulin in the identical space on the identical time. 

If you happen to’re taking a long-acting insulin dose and a rapid-acting insulin dose at 7 a.m., it’s best to be certain they’re injected into two utterly completely different areas of your physique. 

Some insulins can have an effect on the efficiency, absorption, and efficacy of different insulins in the event that they “meet” one another in that subcutaneous tissue.


Are you able to inject insulin into muscle?

The brief reply is sure, however you shouldn’t inject insulin into muscle until it’s very intentional and also you perceive the implications and dangers.

Injecting insulin straight into muscle goes to utterly change how rapidly it’s absorbed into your bloodstream and the way it rapidly it begins affecting your blood sugar ranges. 

The “onset,” “peak,” and “length” will all change when insulin is injected straight into muscle tissue. 

(It’s additionally going to be a bit extra painful!)

By no means inject long-acting insulin into muscle. 

Lengthy-acting insulin (Tresiba, Lantus, Toujeo, Basalgar, NPH, Levemir) wants to remain lively in your physique for the supposed length of time. Injecting into muscle means it’s going to be out of your bloodstream far sooner and thus put you at a high-risk for severely excessive blood sugars and diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA).


Think about injecting rapid-acting insulin into muscle if… 

When treating a excessive blood sugar with a correction dose of insulin, the quantity of insulin you employ must be finely tuned to make sure your blood sugar doesn’t severely plummet. 

The objective is to carry your blood sugar again down right into a protected vary — that requires an correct “correction issue” and a few persistence.

You may contemplate injecting insulin into muscle if:

  • Your blood sugar is extraordinarily excessive, over 250 mg/dL. Injecting your correction dose of insulin into muscle might assist it come down sooner.
  • Your insulin pump failed and you have to get insulin lively in your system as rapidly as potential.
  • You’re combating sudden extreme stress that’s going to (or has already) spiked your blood sugar.
  • You’re taking steroids for a situation like Addison’s illness. Think about injecting the insulin dose you employ to compensate for that steroid dose into muscle.
  • Your blood sugar is excessive since you’re severely dehydrated and doubtlessly producing ketones.
  • Your blood sugar is excessive previous to an necessary exercise that requires a decrease blood sugar stage (like an athletic occasion or surgical procedure).
  • You forgot to take insulin together with your meal. Injecting straight into muscle can assist get the insulin on-board sooner and forestall that post-meal spike.

Understand that it’s best to at all times discuss to your physician prior to creating modifications in how you’re taking your insulin.


Correct and protected insulin injection method

Properly, that is easy. Each time you inject insulin into physique fats or muscle, it’s necessary to make sure that the world is clear and that you’re utilizing a clear syringe or insulin pen.

Insulin syringes and pen needles are designed for use as soon as

And it’s best to sanitize the supposed injection website with an alcohol swab earlier than each injection.

Is that this realistically at all times potential? Probably not — not in the actual lifetime of diabetes while you’re taking many injections a day. However the objective is to inject insulin into the cleanest location potential to forestall infections.

Having to inject insulin into your physique each day is not enjoyable, however it retains us alive. The extra thought and consideration you place into the place you inject your insulin, the higher off you’ll be.

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