Honey and Diabetes: Can You Eat Honey When You Dwell with Diabetes?

People have been consuming and utilizing honey as medication for 1000’s of years. The primary document of organized beekeeping, and honey, dates again to historic Egypt within the 12 months 5,500 BCE, making it man’s first and most dependable sweetener. 

Right now, honey is consumed everywhere in the world and is touted for its pure style, well being advantages, and sweetness. However is honey good for individuals with diabetes? 

This text will clarify the well being advantages of consuming honey, the professionals and cons of consuming honey, and the way (and if) it’s best to incorporate honey into your food regimen. 

Honey and Diabetes: Can You Eat Honey When You Dwell with Diabetes?

What’s honey?

Honey is a thick, golden liquid that’s produced by bees from the nectar they accumulate from flowering vegetation. 

Since honey can’t exist with out bees producing it from the nectar they accumulate from flowers, many individuals who eat a plant-based food regimen don’t take into account this meals vegan. 

Not like cane sugar, which tastes the identical all over the place, honey is extraordinarily versatile and might style vastly totally different relying on the area and native flora from the place it’s collected. There are over 300 totally different types of honey in america alone. 

1 normal tablespoon of honey (21 grams) accommodates 64 energy and 17 grams of sugar, with nearly no protein, fiber, or fats. 

How honey impacts blood sugar

Honey is a pure type of sugar, and like all sugar, its pure job is to lift blood glucose ranges. 

Honey has a decrease glycemic index (GI) than sugar however the distinction could be very small (58 for honey vs. 60 for sugar). The glycemic index measures how shortly a carbohydrate raises blood sugar ranges. 

That signifies that should you stay with diabetes and eat honey, you might be in danger for prime blood sugar, so ensure you’re measuring, counting carbohydrates, and dosing insulin (or different diabetes medicines) appropriately. 

Whereas it could trigger larger blood sugar, honey can be utilized as a wonderful low blood sugar snack (simply don’t overdo it!). 

Is honey totally different from different sweeteners?

Honey is a supersaturated sugar resolution with roughly 17.1 p.c water. Fructose is the predominant sugar at 38.5 p.c, adopted by glucose at 31 p.c.

The principle distinction between honey and sugar is that honey additionally accommodates nutritional vitamins and minerals like potassium, calcium, zinc, and vitamin C, and antioxidants.

So whereas honey impacts blood sugar simply as a lot as common sugar does, it has a barely higher total well being profile.

If you’re on the lookout for a sweetener that doesn’t have an effect on your blood sugar or have an effect on it minimally, you possibly can select from this checklist of the perfect sweeteners for individuals with diabetes.

Well being advantages of honey 

There are a surprisingly giant variety of well being advantages one can get from repeatedly consuming honey. 

It has bioactive plant compounds and antioxidants 

In comparison with desk sugar, which is nutritionally devoid of advantages, honey accommodates loads of pure bioactive plant compounds and antioxidants, similar to flavonoids, with the darker coloured honey varieties containing the very best quantities. 

Research have proven that buckwheat honey truly will increase the antioxidant worth of human blood! 

Antioxidant-rich diets have been linked with decrease danger of coronary heart assaults, stroke, cancers, and have proven to even enhance eye well being. 

Honey additionally accommodates B nutritional vitamins, amino acids, antibiotic-rich inhibin, and proteins. The next nutritional vitamins and minerals are present in honey in hint quantities: 

  • Niacin
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Riboflavin
  • Manganese
  • Potassium
  • Zinc
  • Phosphorous 

Essentially the most considerable sugar in honey is fructose, which has extra power and is sweeter than synthetic components, making it a wonderful low snack to deal with hypoglycemia. 

It could assist with allergy symptoms 

The analysis on that is combined, however it’s believed that if somebody is fighting seasonal allergy symptoms from the grasses and flowering vegetation of their space, ingesting native honey might help their techniques regulate to the native flora and pollan and alleviate allergy signs. 

One research discovered that when honey is eaten in giant doses, it will probably assist alleviate seasonal allergy symptoms after about 8 weeks.

Though a special research evaluating pasteurized honey with native honey in contrast the consequences on allergy symptoms in a inhabitants and located no important distinction. 

In case you’re fighting seasonal allergy symptoms and have a style for honey, it will probably’t damage to do that treatment! 

Promotes wound and burn therapeutic 

The topical use of honey has been a standard medicinal observe since historic Egypt. One meta-analysis discovered that honey is extraordinarily efficient at therapeutic partial-thickness burns and contaminated wounds after surgical procedure. 

Honey can be an efficient topical therapy for diabetic foot ulcers. One other research discovered that the topical therapy of honey on diabetic foot ulcers was a healing therapy in 97% of sufferers! 

Honey may deal with all the pieces from frequent pores and skin rashes to psoriasis and even herpes. This is because of honey’s pure antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties. 

Efficient cough suppressant

The soothing properties of honey when one is sick are scientifically confirmed! When in comparison with two over-the-counter cough medicines, honey was discovered to be more practical at serving to to assuage cough and sore throats. 

Within the research, honey was particularly useful in assuaging cough frequency, cough severity, and enhancing the sleep high quality of kids and fogeys with sore throats and cough. 

One other research corroborated their findings. Beware that honey ought to by no means be given to kids below 1 12 months outdated, nonetheless, because of the danger of botulism. 

Lowers triglycerides 

A number of research have proven that honey consumption lowers triglyceride ranges. Excessive triglyceride ranges have been related to insulin resistance, sort 2 diabetes, and elevated danger for coronary heart illness. 

When used instead of sugar, honey consumption has been related to decrease triglyceride ranges. 

One other research discovered that contributors who ate honey instead of sugar had been in a position to drop their triglyceride ranges by as much as 19%! 

The downsides of consuming honey 

Whereas honey could appear to be a well being meals, there are some particular downsides to repeatedly consuming it as properly. 

Weight achieve 

Honey just isn’t a low-calorie meals, nor does it have any satiating fiber, fats, or protein. 

Honey can be often eaten together with different meals (oatmeal, fruit, toast, and so on.), so including lots of honey to your every day food regimen can shortly put you in a calorie surplus and extra prone to weight achieve. 

A single tablespoon of honey has 64 energy, so ensure you’re limiting your consumption should you’re watching your weight. 

Could trigger toddler botulism 

Honey can include micro organism that will trigger botulism in infants below 1 12 months outdated. That is why it isn’t really useful for very younger kids below 12 months outdated. 

If botulism spores are present in honey and swallowed, the spores launch a toxin that infants’ immune techniques are too immature to correctly struggle off, which might make them very ailing. 

To seek out out further data on the prevention and therapy of toddler botulism, learn extra right here. 


Like all issues candy, consuming an excessive amount of honey can result in cavities and gum illness, particularly if ingested proper earlier than bedtime with out brushing your tooth afterward. 

Be cautious of treating middle-of-the-night low blood sugars with honey, and speak together with your dentist concerning the correct methods to maintain your tooth and gums should you get pleasure from consuming honey however wish to stop cavities. 

In case you battle with cavities, you might go for a sugar-free sweetener as an alternative of honey so as to add to your tea, espresso, or every day routine. 

Straightforward to overdo it 

As a result of honey has no fiber, fats, or protein, and it’s extraordinarily candy and good tasting, it may be straightforward to overdo it, so you might want to watch out with correct portion sizes. 

One serving of honey is a single tablespoon, however it may be straightforward to eat 3 or 4 instances that a lot in a single sitting! 

Whereas honey has many wholesome properties, consuming an excessive amount of can result in points, so watch out to eat it carefully, and restrict your self should you’ve turn out to be hooked. 

Be sure to’re additionally solely ever consuming pure honey, as many off-brands can add desk sugars and low-cost syrups making a honey “mix” with out the well being advantages. 


Honey, when eaten carefully and instead of sugar, is a superb, all-natural sweetener that’s been in use for 1000’s of years. 

Simply bear in mind that honey impacts blood sugar simply as strongly and shortly as sugar.

Honey can be utilized topically as an antibacterial and anti inflammatory agent, or medicinally, to assuage cough and sore throat. It is filled with wholesome antioxidants, nutritional vitamins, and minerals. 

It’s also a tasty deal with that’s calorically dense with an addicting taste, so moderation is essential should you stay with diabetes, as honey may cause weight achieve, cavities, and excessive blood sugar. 

Work together with your physician and/or nutritionist should you’d like so as to add honey to your food regimen to ensure it will probably slot in together with your diabetes, well being, and health targets. 

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