Diabetes and Polyuria (Frequent Urination)

Polyuria, the manufacturing of an abnormally great amount of urine, is often related to diabetes. 

Polyuria is a reasonably widespread situation. Nonetheless, extreme urination is likely one of the predominant signs individuals with diabetes report earlier than they’re recognized. 

Many individuals with diabetes will even expertise polyuria at occasions even after their analysis.

This text will examine the causes of polyuria and its reference to diabetes. 

Diabetes and Polyuria (Frequent Urination)

What’s polyuria?

Polyuria is the medical time period for when an individual is producing extreme urine. 

Extreme urination is normally seen both when somebody urinates extra usually than what’s regular for them, or if they’ve extra urine of their bladder every time they urinate than is typical. 

Nonetheless, urinary frequency and urinary urgency are each totally different signs from polyuria. Polyuria relates particularly to the entire quantity of urine produced by the physique.

Polyuria ought to at all times be reported to your physician or medical supplier, particularly if it’s not defined absolutely by a situation you might be already conscious you’ve gotten. 

Polyuria will also be associated to nocturia, which is a medical time period for needing to stand up greater than as soon as per night time to go to the lavatory.

How a lot urine is taken into account polyuria?

Medical professionals outline polyuria when it comes to the entire quantity of urine an individual produces in a day.

If somebody is consuming a standard quantity of liquid – about 2 liters or 68 oz liquid per day – then a standard quantity of urine to provide is 800 mL to 2 liters of urine.  

Nonetheless, quite a few components from train to exterior temperature and humidity, to drugs and occasional consumption can influence these figures, and it’s not at all times a diagnosable situation. Folks additionally might urinate roughly, relying on their degree of hydration. 

For an grownup, the Nationwide Library of Drugs considers polyuria the manufacturing of greater than 2.5 liters (68 ounces – or simply over 2.5 quarts) of urine in a 24-hour interval. 

Some individuals with undiagnosed diabetes might urinate as much as 15 liters of liquid per day, which is an excessive case of polyuria, however it’s potential.

How usually is simply too usually to pee?

First, there isn’t a set quantity of occasions per day that somebody ought to or shouldn’t pee. Nonetheless, on common, a typical particular person pees between 6-7 occasions per day. 

Folks can urinate wherever between 4-10 occasions per day and it may be thought-about wholesome if it’s not interfering with on a regular basis life. Nonetheless, individuals with polyuria, as a result of they’re producing extra urine than regular, will even pee extra usually than regular. 

Peeing on common greater than 10 occasions per day could also be thought-about polyuria, particularly if it’s a nuisance to your schedule and life. 

When you’re urinating extra usually than regular, or greater than as soon as per night time, and also you’re producing a considerable amount of urine every time you pee, you might wish to discuss along with your physician. 

When you’re peeing continuously however it’s not productive, you might be experiencing a prostate problem (for males solely), and may additionally wish to discuss along with your physician.

What are the signs of polyuria? 

The signs of polyuria embrace: 

  • Urinating greater than ordinary
  • Urinating extra continuously than ordinary 
  • Getting up greater than as soon as per night time to urinate 
  • Feeling like you need to urinate instantly after utilizing the lavatory 
  • Feeling such as you’re not fully emptying your bladder, even throughout and instantly after utilizing the lavatory 

What are the most typical causes of polyuria?

Polyuria is a symptom of a number of situations, together with:

  • Undiagnosed sort 1 diabetes, sort 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, or prediabetes
  • Excessive blood sugar ranges in individuals with recognized diabetes 
  • Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) 
  • Ketosis, particularly together with excessive blood sugar ranges, or when somebody is first in ketosis firstly of a ketogenic weight loss program 
  • Injury to the kidney, both from illness, an infection, or a bodily harm
  • Sickle cell illness
  • Liver illness
  • An overactive bladder
  • An enlarged prostate or different prostate points (in males)
  • Urinary tract an infection (UTI)
  • Being pregnant
  • Sure prescribed drugs

At its most benign, polyuria will also be a results of merely consuming a considerable amount of liquid, although in these instances, it’ll go away when your liquid consumption returns to regular.

Why does diabetes trigger polyuria?

Diabetes, most frequently undiagnosed diabetes, causes polyuria because of excessive blood sugar ranges. 

When the physique both doesn’t have sufficient insulin or has no insulin within the bloodstream, cells can’t digest glucose from the meals that’s eaten. When that glucose spills over into the bloodstream, it creates excessive blood sugar ranges.

When blood sugar ranges stay excessive, your kidneys produce extra urine to attempt to flush the additional glucose from the physique. 

This cycle additionally causes the basic diabetes symptom of extra thirst; since individuals with undiagnosed diabetes are urinating a lot, the mind tells the physique to drink extra with a purpose to substitute all of the fluids being misplaced. 

This is usually a harmful cycle if somebody’s blood sugar ranges don’t come down shortly. When you’re scuffling with each extra thirst and extra urination and also you wouldn’t have recognized diabetes, name your physician instantly.

When you’re experiencing each extra urination and extra thirst and have recognized diabetes, test your blood sugar instantly and test for ketones. 

In case your blood sugar is dangerously excessive and you’ve got reasonable or excessive ketones, name your physician instantly. 

Having diabetes by itself doesn’t trigger polyuria; excessive blood sugars do. You probably have excessive blood sugar ranges and are urinating greater than regular, as soon as you’re taking insulin (or every other prescribed diabetes treatment), and your blood sugar ranges come again right down to regular, polyuria will sometimes go away.


Polyuria is a situation during which the physique produces an extreme quantity of urine. It’s really a symptom of many various situations, together with undiagnosed diabetes, excessive blood sugar ranges in recognized diabetes, diabetic ketoacidosis, being pregnant, a kidney an infection, urinary tract an infection, and even prostate points. 

The everyday particular person urinates not more than 2 liters per day, and normally between 6-8 occasions per day. Nonetheless, somebody with polyuria might urinate over 15 liters per day, and lots of occasions all through each the day and night time. 

If you’re experiencing the signs of polyuria, together with an elevated quantity of urine (with no underlying trigger like extra water or espresso consumption), elevated frequency of urination, feeling the necessity to use the lavatory on a regular basis, or getting up a number of occasions all through the night time to make use of the lavatory, you might wish to discuss along with your physician about your signs. 

Diabetes is a typical reason behind polyuria because of untreated excessive blood sugar ranges within the bloodstream. When the physique lacks insulin, blood glucose goes up, and the kidneys produce extra urine to try to flush the physique of the extreme sugar. 

This will shortly result in dehydration and one other basic diabetes symptom, extreme thirst. 

When you suspect you’ve gotten undiagnosed diabetes, or you’ve gotten recognized diabetes and are experiencing these signs, test your blood sugar instantly, and ideally, test for ketones as nicely. 

If blood sugar ranges will not be introduced again down into a standard vary, diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) can develop, which could be doubtlessly life-threatening. 

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