Can You Take Metformin and Ozempic Collectively?

Metformin and Ozempic are well-liked pharmaceuticals which might be used to assist individuals handle their diabetes.

Many individuals could also be prescribed metformin or Ozempic alone, however typically a physician might prescribe each medication directly as a sort of mixture remedy.

As a result of these medication work in numerous methods and their use collectively is comparatively new, you will have questions on how these medication work together, what the unwanted side effects could also be, and the way nicely they work collectively.

This text will discover what you have to find out about taking Ozempic and metformin collectively.

Can You Take Metformin and Ozempic Collectively?

How do Ozempic and metformin differ?

To assist perceive why you is perhaps prescribed one drug, the opposite, or each directly, it’s vital to know slightly bit about every medicine and the way they differ.

Ozempic and metformin are totally different in a number of methods. To start out with, Ozempic is a once-weekly injectable drug, whereas metformin is a each day (or twice each day) oral medicine that normally is available in tablet type.

However the two medication have totally different lively components and act on the physique in numerous methods, too.


Ozempic is the model title for the most typical drug that makes use of the lively ingredient semaglutide, which is predominately used to assist handle diabetes. Ozempic is made by the drug firm Novo Nordisk.

Different drug firms additionally make drugs with the identical lively ingredient as Ozempic (these embody the model names Wegovy and Rybelsus).

Ozempic is a glucagon-like peptide 1 (often called “GLP-1”) agonist. The drug mimics hormones within the physique that assist to manage blood sugar ranges.

Ozempic will increase your physique’s pure insulin manufacturing, decreases the liver’s manufacturing of glucose, slows the emptying of meals out of your abdomen into the small intestines, and it additionally reduces your urge for food, which tends to result in weight reduction. 


Metformin is among the many most prescription drugs on the planet. Metformin’s most typical use is as a first-line remedy for kind 2 diabetes. 

Metformin will increase insulin sensitivity and has been demonstrated to have a variety of different well being advantages. More and more, metformin is being prescribed for individuals with prediabetes, gestational diabetes, kind 1 diabetes, and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Metformin lowers the quantity of sugar produced by the liver, decreases sugar absorption within the intestines, and permits particular person cells within the physique to eat extra sugar and use that sugar extra effectively.

Equally to Ozempic, metformin has additionally been proven to assist individuals reduce weight in some circumstances. 

Whereas Ozempic is a comparatively new drug, having been FDA-approved in 2017, metformin has been in the marketplace in the US since 1994. Each medication have seen vital will increase of their use since their introduction.

Why would I be prescribed Ozempic and metformin?

The first motive these medication are prescribed is to assist handle blood sugar ranges.

Ozempic and metformin assist most individuals to decrease their common blood sugar ranges (as measured by an A1c blood take a look at), and these results are fairly vital. 

Medical trials have established that (at its most dose) metformin will help lower A1c by 1.5%, whereas a mean dose of Ozempic can lower A1c by 1.4%.

In case you are already prescribed metformin and it’s now not having its most meant profit, your physician or medical care workforce might write you a prescription for Ozempic to judge its effectiveness as a stand-alone substitute for metformin, or as a complementary remedy along with your present metformin prescription.

There are different causes chances are you’ll be prescribed metformin or Ozempic. Nonetheless, these makes use of are typically off-label (not permitted by the FDA).

Each medication have been proven to assist with weight reduction along with their main operate of decreasing common blood sugar ranges. Whereas neither drug is FDA-approved for this use, it may be a useful impact, particularly for individuals who have kind 2 diabetes and wrestle to take care of a wholesome weight.

Each medication are additionally established to lower the chance of main cardiovascular occasions, like coronary heart assaults.

Whereas many of those off-label results could also be useful, metformin and Ozempic are typically not prescribed solely for these causes.

Are you able to safely take metformin and Ozempic collectively?

Generally, the reply is sure. Medical trials have established that it’s typically secure to take metformin and Ozempic collectively. 

Not solely is it typically secure, however it’s truly changing into frequent to prescribe these medication collectively as a mixture remedy, as each medication complement each other in serving to to handle blood sugar ranges.

The medication additionally will help with cardiovascular well being and weight reduction in ways in which might reinforce each other.

Taking metformin and Ozempic collectively will be an efficient option to handle blood sugar ranges, particularly for individuals with kind 2 diabetes.

What unwanted side effects are there to taking each Ozempic and metformin?

Whereas each of those drugs will be efficient at controlling blood glucose ranges, they’ll even have unwanted side effects, and taking them collectively might enhance the chance of sure adversarial and negative effects.

Each metformin and Ozempic may cause gastrointestinal signs like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Taking these two medication collectively can enhance the probability and severity of the unwanted side effects chances are you’ll expertise.

In case you are taking metformin and Ozempic collectively – or if you’re prescribed them along with insulin – it’s particularly vital to concentrate on the indicators of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).

Low blood sugar ranges may cause you to sweat, and expertise shakiness, lightheadedness, or confusion. In case your blood sugar is low, you additionally may additionally really feel your coronary heart racing or have fast modifications in your notion or feelings.

When you expertise any of those signs, it’s vital to verify your blood sugar ranges – and for those who’re low, shortly carry your blood sugar again as much as a traditional vary by consuming or ingesting one thing with carbohydrates.

Metformin and Ozempic every have their very own potential unwanted side effects which might be very uncommon, however vital to find out about. These embody the chance of lactic acidosis for metformin and thyroid tumors for Ozempic.

Medical trials have proven that taking each directly doesn’t enhance your general danger of experiencing severe unwanted side effects.

It’s vital to learn any paperwork that include your prescription and to speak about every prescription drug and its potential unwanted side effects together with your physician.

You possibly can learn extra concerning the unwanted side effects of every drug right here:

Does Ozempic work higher than metformin?

As a result of Ozempic and metformin work in numerous methods, neither essentially works higher than the opposite. 

Relying on the dose, both metformin or Ozempic might decrease blood sugar ranges greater than the opposite drug.

Ozempic has typically been proven to assist individuals lose extra weight than metformin, however everybody’s expertise is totally different, and weight reduction shouldn’t be assured by both drug – neither is both drug FDA-approved for that function.

Can you’re taking metformin mixture medication with Ozempic?

Mixture medication for individuals with kind 2 diabetes continuously combine metformin plus one other drug with a special mechanism of motion, as a result of doing this enables each medication to maximise their effectiveness.

Including an Ozempic prescription on high of a metformin mixture drug ought to solely be finished in session with a physician as every of the three (or extra) lively components can have its personal set of unwanted side effects and contraindications.

Is metformin safer than Ozempic?

Metformin is usually thought-about to be among the many most secure and most studied medication for serving to individuals to handle their blood sugar. 

Whereas metformin has been been in frequent use longer than Ozempic, every drug has undergone intensive, rigorous testing.

Nonetheless, every individual’s danger components and their very own expertise of unwanted side effects will differ. So it’s vital to work together with your physician to grasp how every drug’s security profile, dangers, and unwanted side effects stack up in opposition to its advantages, all throughout the context of your well being historical past and objectives.

What meals needs to be averted when taking Ozempic and metformin collectively?

Meals that may trigger an upset abdomen are greatest to keep away from when taking Ozempic and metformin collectively. These embody heavy, greasy, or fatty meals. 

Overly processed meals are additionally typically greatest to keep away from, and you might also be suggested to keep away from ingesting alcohol when taking metformin and Ozempic. 

Comply with all tips and directions on any prescription medicine, and act accordingly. And bear in mind, it’s at all times a good suggestion to speak together with your physician concerning the food regimen you must eat and any meals, drinks, or behaviors you must keep away from when beginning a brand new prescription. 

You possibly can learn extra about which meals to keep away from right here:

How a lot weight are you able to lose on Ozempic and metformin collectively?

It’s vital to keep in mind that utilizing Ozempic and metformin collectively for weight reduction is an off-label function that isn’t FDA-approved, so it’s particularly vital to work together with your physician to grasp the advantages and dangers. 

When you’re prescribed Ozempic and metformin to your kind 2 diabetes however want to reduce weight, there are FDA-approved weight reduction medication which might be secure for individuals with diabetes that your physician may additionally prescribe.

Medical trials have proven that metformin alone results in a 5% of physique weight common weight reduction for a few third of people that take the drug, together with lack of about 12 – 15 kilos in individuals who didn’t have diabetes.

For people who find themselves chubby or overweight, Ozempic has been demonstrated to end in weight lack of 14.9% of their physique weight.

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