Will We Ever Find A Cure For Cancer

cure for cancer
by maf04

Back in the early part of the 1990’s a film called ‘The Medicine Man’ was released and the story revolved around a doctor working in South America who discovers the cure for cancer, only to lose it in a local disaster.

A cure would bring a sigh of relief everywhere. The causes for cancer seem to be many but despite all the knowledge we gain, it is still almost impossible to know if or when a person will contract it.

If someone were to ask you what cancer was, would you be able to give them a definition like the one in this article? They cross over to other cells and sites of the body continuing to grow and divide.

The difference between a cancerous tumor an a benign one is that malignant tumors continue to grow whereas benign ones limit their growth an many of us live comfortably with them during out lives without even knowing. It is responsible for thirteen percent of all deaths around the world. Most cancers are caused by some form of poison in the cells, which creates abnormalities in the genetic makeup of those cells.

A genetic trait may be inherited and thus present in all cells from birth. It is still not fully understood why one person will contract the disease and another be free from it but it is believed that the interactions between any carcinogens and each person’s particular DNA is complicated.

Cancer is one of the top ten diseases that is researched regularly throughout the world and the truth is we have learned a great deal from studies performed around the globe. Once scientists discover the reason behind why some individuals are more likely to contract a disease than others, we may be closer to creating a cure. After all we all want to know more about why we contract cancer and how to avoid it.

Some believe it may even be causing a large number of cases in certain groups of people. Other foodstuffs that could create problems are too much salt and saturated fat.

Cancer can strike anywhere in the body and each is a specialist type to the organ or part of the body it has infected. Long term research has helped the situation and many forms can now be treated at even later stages than could be only a little while ago. All this research is gradually leading towards more effective treatments for cancer and it is not always the terminal disease it used to be.

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