Why Not Blast Your Cancer Cells With Oxygen Radiation Instead Of Chemo?

When we think of radiation it usually brings up an image of a nuclear bomb or an oncologist surgically blasting cancer cells. Perhaps an X-ray technician standing behind a lead lined wall turning their head as they flip a switch. This is not about that type of radiation.

Oxygen radiation within the body to kill cancer cells is one of the most favored methods of quickly subduing cancer naturally. There was only room to mention three here but there are many other ways including my personal preference, which is by using the Elemental Miracle.

Every disease and especially cancer, cannot survive in an oxygenated atmosphere. High levels of oxygen in the blood basically smother cancer cells, which is well known in the field of natural medicine. Your about to learn about three very potent natural cancer treatments that as is the case with the majority of natural cures, can be taken advantage of simultaneously.

-Rubidium/Cesium/Potassium: One of the primary goals in healing cancer naturally is to elevate the bodies alkalinity and increase the bloods oxygen levels. An extremely fast and efficient way to make that happen is by taking several grams of rubidium and/or cesium salts along with a few grams of potassium everyday. It’s not something you’ll be able to do without a little more information which this article doesn’t have room to include, but look up Dr. A Keith Brewer or Dr. Nieper on line and you will definitely become a believer. Both of them achieved the highest cancer cure rates that have ever been officially documented.

-Hydrogen Peroxide: Ingesting food grade hydrogen peroxide is an extremely effective means of increasing oxygen in the blood. It has been used all over the world as an alternative cancer treatment. It is a very popular choice in Europe.

The most convenient way to use it is by mixing five to ten drops with a glass of water and drinking it two to three times a day. It’s taken on an empty stomach, but not in the evening as it can make it hard to sleep. Also you have to wait an hour before eating anything afterwords.

-Germanium:is a very potent option for rapidly elevating the amount of oxygen in the blood. A famous Japanese Dr. was very successful in treating cancer with a safe form of germanium sesquioxide which he personally developed.

Both germanium and hydrogen peroxide are found in very high proportions in the famous Lourdes water in France. Germanium sesquioxide officially discovered by Dr. Kazuhiko Asai, can be found occurring naturally from many sources including another well known cancer cure, Gogi berries.

The late Dr. Kazuhiko Asai PhD, spent more than 30 years studying germanium, and his results are described in detail in his book, Miracle Cure – Organic Germanium

These three are but a small sample of what holistic health offers in the world of natural cancer cures. Just the same they’re all you would need to cure any type of cancer if you didn’t want more diversity, but why stop there?

It is so sad the general population is not familiar with the amazing power and simplicity of combining several of these alternative cancer treatments, to rapidly cure this number one deadly disease. People have been miraculously saved from even the worst of stage 4 cancers, by taking advantage of even the simplest holistic cures.

So get busy and take the cure! Don’t wait for any M.D. to write you a prescription or send you to a hospital for any natural cure for cancer. Keep on doing whatever they might have recommended combined with several of your favorite natural cures, no harm. It is your cancer after all and natural remedies carry no side affects. Good luck and God bless.

Jay Geary is a former organic horticultural consultant, who for over thirty years has devoted most of his time and energy in the study and practice of holistic health and natural healing. Jay is presently the host of www.TheElementalMiracle.com a website which details in depth, hundreds of holistic options for treating diseases including holistic cures for cancer.
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