Why Even Healthy Foods Should Be Consumed In Moderation

It is not surprising that more people in today’s society are looking for effective ways to lose weight. By being more conscious in their food choices, they are confident that they will eventually lose those unwanted fats. Unfortunately, most people would wonder why no significant weight loss is happening despite choosing to eat healthy food?

One of the most popular foods believed to be very helpful against illness like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and arthritis is fish. Fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel contains Omega 3 Fatty Acid.

If you are one who is fond of eating Japanese cuisine, you would think that sushi can be considered healthy food. However, you will be surprised to know that most sushi rolls especially the most popular “California Maki” are not so healthy because it contains mayonnaise which is high in fat.

Some sushi may contain fish but they are either cooked fried or battered with ingredients that increases calorie intake. If you love Japanese food and want to eat healthy, it would be a wise decision to stick to raw fish instead.

Losing weight should not deprive you from snacking. So if you think dried fruit can be considered a healthy snack, you have to think again. Look at the nutritional information and you will be horrified on how much sugar dried fruit contains. Snack on fresh fruits instead.

Stay away from granola bars. Manufacturers made them so sweet that it can skyrocket your calorie level. If you want to add high fiber food to your diet, you can always snack on oatmeal and fruits as an alternative.

Lunch time literally has a huge selection of food thought to be healthy. Choosing food that contains vegetable should definitely be a smart choice.

If you think with a veggie burger you are actually doing yourself a favor, you will be dismayed to know that veggie burgers can pack a huge load of calories too because of the mayonnaise and cheese it contains.

Losing weight can be frustrating. Then again, it would not be that hard if you know what food you should take and what you should avoid. Be smart in your choices always.

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