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Healthy Living
by nemone

Many people realize their need to improve their health. While diet and physical activity are necessary there are other habits in ones life that need to be adjusted. When all areas of ones health are being improved simultaneously the best results of healthy living are able to be achieved. The key is consistency in developing good habits in all components of health.

Why focus on your overall health? Besides quality and longevity of life there are many self inflicted conditions that can be avoided. Some of these types of conditions are: diabetes, cancer, congestive heart failure, gastro esophageal reflux disease, liver disease, hernia, urinary incontinence, chronic kidney failure, stroke, depression, osteoarthritis, gallbladder disease, sleep apnea, alcoholism, brain damage, chronic obstructive lung disease, malnutrition, miscarriage, heart attack, recurrent infections, shortness of breath, asthma and cardiovascular disease. Many of these can be avoided by giving up bad habits such as smoking and excessive drinking as well as limiting consumption of foods high in cholesterol and fat.

To be healthy many people will go on a diet. These diets can be restrictive towards certain foods. By following a strict diet it might help one to focus on eating good foods rather than bad ones. It is important to remember that even if you are not on an official diet that your normal food choices are your personal diet. If you are on a diet or thinking about your current diet try to include lean proteins, fruits/vegetables and 8 glasses of water per day to make sure your body is receiving all that it needs to function effectively.

One of the best ways to dramatically improve your health is to exercise. Although a consistent exercise program can be one of the hardest habits to develop it can be one of the most rewarding. Once you are able to achieve reach the point of being in shape many find that they need to work out for more than their physical health. Exercise often helps with dealing with stress, improving your mood and sleeping better. Increasing your physical activity can be as simple as making simple changes in your everyday routine, such as, taking the stairs instead of an elevator and parking farther away from the store than you normally would. Of course a more formal exercise routine of cardiovascular activities for 20-30 minutes and lifting weights will provide the highest impact to your overall well being. Also, during this type of intense activity your body releases endorphins which are a natural chemical in your body that makes you feel happy.

To round off your overall health it is important to focus on your mental well being. This is one area of health that many people overlook. If you have made improvements to your health by eating better and working out but still have not achieved the feeling of being healthy it might be that you are not focusing on your mental health. Here are a few ideas of what to focus on to improve your mental health: -Get a good nights rest -Exercise -Try new things -Spend time with friends and family -Plan time to do something for you -Listen to music -Count your blessings -Mediate, pray -Talk to people -Stretch

If you are not sure how to get started with living a healthier life here are a few steps to follow. First, start to work on breaking bad habits such as smoking, excessive drinking and overeating. Second, start to figure out and start a work out regime. Third, either find a diet plan that you would like to use as a guide or take a look at your current diet to identify areas to focus on. Fourth, plan a few activities for your mental health each week. Fifth, congratulate yourself for making changes to your life that will improve your health and over all well being.

Crystal Wells blogs about different diet plans that work to help other dieters in their dieting journey.

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Healthy Living
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e happen to need them. At school and in home-study time we call upon ourvery highest servants to help us. They are the parts making up the brain, withwhich we do our learningand understanding. You canmake these servants eithergood or bad by training them.If you idle your time awayand look out of the windowand whisper and giggle, yourbrain servants will get thehabit of idleness and inatten-tion. If you are trying tomake yourself a good knightlycitizen, you will make yourbrain ser^^ants nimble andindustrious by working—^when you do work—^with allyour might. Outdoor Play.—In the afternoon the young knight,whether boy or girl, will get outdoors if possible, forthere is nothing so good for us as fresh air and sunlight.Games and sports in the afternoon are just as importa^i^a part of your training as studies in school-time, ^tn?most all kinds of exercise are helpful, but particularlythose that bring all the parts of the body into play,such as running and skating and tennis. Games that

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Fig. 5.—Health habits: quietand concentration in studytime. A WELL-SPENT DAY 17 are played by teams against each other are best of all,for they not only help you to be physically quick andstrong, but also show you how to play and work withothers. Most of the things that are worth while aredone by men and women working together. If youkeep playing with all your might, all the time, to helpthe rest of the team win, with-out looking for any specialglory for yourself—you willsurely make a good citizen inafter life. Indoors Again.—In thelate afternoon and after sup-per, or when it is too stormyto be out, there are other in-teresting things to do. Sew-ing for girls and carpenteringfor boys, and story books forboth, are waiting for you,with many other ways ofpassing the time as well. Even in these hours, how-ever, that little body of yours should not be entirelyforgotten. In the first place, remember that it needs fresh aireven when you are indoors. If the room gets too hot,-^ipen the

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