UAE brings about a new Treatment in Diabetes

Almost every person worldwide is cognizant that only sugar is the sole cause of diabetes. We, humans acquire diabetes when the level of sugar rises. But are we correct? Do we have the sufficient information? The only answer to this is a “NO”. The truth about diabetes holds an untold story but people around the world may be aware of it only to a limited extent. Although our body needs glucose but in certain cases, the sugar which we get from what we eat, is not processed by the glucose in our body. When the sugar is not processed efficiently by our body, then we tend to develop diabetes. When in the beginning of the disease one comes to know the symptoms, he/she can avoid serious complications and can be cured with the help of proper treatment which includes a balanced diet and regular exercise.

In United States, almost 7% of people suffer with diabetes and the number of patients developing diabetes is expected to increase by 12% or 5 million people by 2050. Even our western population including one million Canadians are affected by the disease.

There are 3 forms of the disease. To name them, there are 1) Type 1 diabetes, 2) type 2 diabetes and 3) gestational diabetes. 1) If no more insulin is being produced in the body, we develop type 1 diabetes, 2) if the insulin is not being used effectively by the body, we develop type 2 diabetes, 3) gestational diabetes develops in women while their pregnancy period. Excessive thirst, blurred vision, excessive hunger, and excessive frequent urination are some of the symptoms of diabetes. A balanced diet and regular exercise are crucial in the way to control diabetes but still insulin shots and other drugs acquire a place for some people having the disease. Various other herbs are also helpful in blocking its further effects.

Diabetics can also be treated in various other measures. Lately, UAE has evolved a new drug by the name of ‘Byetta (Exenatide)’ in the treatment of diabetes. Found in US, Gila is a monster lizard secreting a toxin helpful in producing its artificial version named ‘Byetta’. Byetta is helpful in regulating the level of sugar in blood. This drug is being used by everyone around the world but is available in US itself since 2005.

Byetta drug is also useful in relieving from obesity and is given in the form of injection. Therefore it is used by everyone who falls in type 2 diabetes category as those patients are heavily overweight and their bodies are overly sensitive and cant bear oral medications. No one would prefer gaining weight that is why they would opt for Byetta as irrespective of other medications this drug helps in reducing weight. Byetta is based on glucose and hence helps in regulating the level of sugar. That way byetta helps in restraining from insulin related problems and thereby hypoglycemia. It helps in meeting the desires of a patient with respect to hunger as it regulates their appetite as well in controlling the sugar level when it acts as a hormone.

Diabetes has become a vast spreading disease of our society. For the purpose of defending the disease and bringing down the number of patients of diabetes, best of treatments known worldwide are being brought forward. Byetta seems easily available in one of the 1st countries of Middle East which is UAE.

People having Type 2 diabetes suffer with lowered hormone incretion or it is somehow eliminated from their body. Gila is the only poisonous lizard found in southwest desert of USA and Mexico. The toxin secreted by the disastrous monster is the most effective in controlling type 2 diabetes. A synthetic version of the toxin is developed for the treatment of type 2 diabetes which is known as Byetta. Incretin mimetics is the new treatment done with Byetta. This works like Hormone incretion with the help of which blood sugar in the body gets regulated and insulin secretion increases. Incretin is released with the help of gut in the Bloodstream

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Image from page 890 of “Internal medicine; a work for the practicing physician on diagnosis and treatment, with a complete Desk index” (1920)
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Identifier: internalmedicine02wils
Title: Internal medicine; a work for the practicing physician on diagnosis and treatment, with a complete Desk index
Year: 1920 (1920s)
Authors: Wilson, J. C. (James Cornelius), 1847-1934 Potter, Nathaniel Bowditch, 1869-1919
Subjects: Medicine Diagnosis
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cks are RAYNAUDS DISEASE. 829 paroxysmal and reouri-eiit. and ev(Mi oci-iir in cycles. Tlic alVfctcd fiii^ersare usually involved in turn, and the conLTcstion disaijpfars lirst from onepart and then another. () the nose, ears, and iaee are invaded. The locdl or sifnnnclricdl (jangrcnc may follow eitlur the syncopal statreor the asphyxial stajje. The parts are cold, usually shrivelled, and Inilheform; these hreak and reveal hlaek spots, which result in localized destruc-tion. The ends of the fintrers are destroyed, or the under parts of the toes.The spots somt^tiines heal, leaviuf]: a healthy scar. The pain is often severe. Amonpr accessory symptoms should be mentioned ha^mofrlobinuria,which, heintr associated with chill and slip-ht fever, and havinc a paroxys-mal course, has led to the suspicion of malaria; an idea which .seems tofind some favor with Barlow. Amblyopia is also occasionally seen, andmay depend on alteration in the calibre of the retinal vessels, as verified

Text Appearing After Image:
Fig. 405.—Raynauds Disease.—Dehio. by Galezowski. Temporary changes in the joints have been noted, alsohemiplegia and aphasia, and in rare cases even mental symptoms. Epilepsy,or attacks suspiciously like it, has been reported. Diagnosis.—There are various forms of gangrene which must not bemistaken for Raynauds disease. The disorder closely resembles chil-blain or frost bite, but the history is sufficient to prevent error. Raynaudsdisease is a recurring affection, whereas frost bite is a. simple and solitaryaccident, and by no means always synmietrical. It also resembles ergotism, but the history alone should distingu:J5hthe two. So also of the gangrene of diabetes, in which the glycosuria and theasymmetrical character of the gangrene are significant. Ervthromelalgia resembles the asphyxial stage of Raynauds disease.but in the former the affected limb is hot. pulsating, and more uniformlypainful than in the latter; moreover, it does not present sensory changes,and gangrene does

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