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Diabetes cure
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Type 1 diabetes is frequently recognized in kids, teenagers or young adults. People can be given birth with a deteriorating pancreas or acquire problems with the pancreas later in life. This chronic illness is the outcome of increased levels of sugar in the bloodstream. Individuals with types 1 diabetes generate little, if any, insulin, which is needed to keep blood sugar levels normal. Glucose that is unused for energy remains in your system and diabetes develops. Even though previously thought to be incurable, plenty of financed scientific tests are looking for a cure for type 1 diabetes.

The Difficulty with a Cure

Finding a type 1 diabetes treatment is tough, to say the least. The disease involves the body’s own immune system hitting and destroying cells in the pancreas accountable for making insulin. Whenever the cells in the pancreas are damaged, blood glucose cannot be managed. This is the main reason why people who have type 1 diabetes should inject insulin shots in order to stay alive. Looking for a treatment has to involve a way to maintain the body’s defense mechanisms from attacking healthful cells.

Healthful Life-style

While experts look for a type 1 diabetes cure individuals with the disease must follow a good life-style for the best illness management. Diabetic patients must exercise about half an hour every day, get lots of sunlight, dink pure water, eat whole and organic foods including a great number of vegetables and avoid fast and refined foods.

Tuberculosis Vaccine

Experts at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston have been researching the possibility of utilizing the tuberculosis vaccine as a type 1 diabetes treatment. The tuberculosis vaccine recognized as BCG, keeps the body’s T cells from breaking down insulin creating cells. This gives the pancreas time to regenerate and produce insulin again. Because people with type 1 diabetes do not produce enough insulin, this vaccine could be the answer. Tests on human subjects look promising to date.

Hippocrates Program

Some medical care experts are now saying that many individuals with diabetes, including those born with a not working pancreas, may be able to reduce or even come off of insulin completely. The Hippocrates system helps make no promises but has seen fantastic outcomes and for many, has been the type 1 diabetes cure they have been seeking. The Hippocrates Program concentrates on a radical diet change using raw and sprouted foodstuff.

The Hippocrates Program is a vegan-based diet plan and enables food to become the medicine essential to bring about health and normal pancreatic performance. More info? Click here!

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Diabetes cure
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