Truth: Cannabis Cures Cancer and Other Serious Human Diseases

The price we pay for being human is being subjected to a wide array of horrible diseases, many of which there seems to be no cure in sight. However, the cure for the majority of serious human disease, including cancer, does exist. It comes directly from a simple plant, but this very fact is what prevents the medicine’s being utilized.

The cure for cancer is hemp oil, a concentrated extract derived from the cannabis plant. Modern hemp oil was created by a man named Rick Simpson, who initially made the oil as a way to get the medicinal benefit of cannabis without smoking the plant. It wasnt long before he realized that hemp oil was the ideal way that cannabis should be utilized.

Rick discovered the true power of hemp oil after he was diagnosed with skin cancer in late 2002. While one part of the cancer was removed surgically, two parts remained. Rick remembered hearing a report that THC, the main ingredient in cannabis, killed cancer cells, so he put hemp oil on the cancerous sites, and in only four days, the skin cancer was gone. Since 1974, there have been dozens of studies showing that THC and other cannabinoids are effective in killing cancer cells and alleviating dozens of other conditions (and hemp oil has all these cannabinoids, but in concentrated form).

Rick was amazed by the results, and went to his doctor’s office to relate the news to him. To Rick’s surprise, the doctor was not happy with what Rick had done, and did not even want to listen to him. It seems completely illogical, as it seems this is what a doctor would want. However, doctors don’t like when people cure themselves, because it does not make them any money. If hemp oil was widely available, the number of doctor visits would sharply decrease, and that would put many doctors out of business.

For over six years, Rick has given away hemp oil to those who needed it. He was able to distribute it freely, at no cost to the patients, until the Federal Canadian police confiscated the cannabis plants he was using to make the oil. Currently, Rick helps people convert whatever cannabis they have in to hemp oil, and he works diligently to promote the benefits via various mediums.

Rick Simpson has not found one type of cancer resistant to hemp oil. In fact, there has not been a condition that Rick hasn’t been able to cure or completely control with the oil. Rick has found hemp oil to be effective with diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, pain disorders, mental disorders, and more. The interesting thing will be not to see what hemp oil can cure, but what it can’t cure.

What makes Rick Simpson different from other miracle cure promoters? Admittedly, there have been many, and 99% of them have been frauds. Unlike every other person, Rick has not been involved with this for money. Rick gave away hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of hemp oil, and he doesnt even want money in the long run. All Rick wants to see is this medicine made available on a donation basis, or as cheaply as possible.

Rick is not alone in his pursuit; he has support from doctors like Robert Melamede and world-renowned activists like Jack Herer. Rick openly requests anybody who does not believe him to make a small amount of hemp oil and apply it to someone with skin cancer. In only days, the cancer will start to disappear, and will usually be cured in two weeks or less.

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