Treatments for cancer

It is well known that cancer affects one in four people. It is either being a victim of cancer or knowing somebody who has or is currently suffering from cancer.

Conventional medicines and treatments are plentiful however most require a long procedure with often painful results and it is not always favoured by the majority. However many patients do opt out of conventional treatments and seek to use herbal or natural remedies in their fight against cancer.

Mushroom is an herbal medicine that can cure cancer. Researchers of a University in the UK have found that mushroom does help in the fight against cancer. It was originally discovered around 50 years ago and turned into a drug called Cordycepin. However with the ever growing research into this has led the mushroom’s price to rise by over 1000%. This may be a sign that the drug is going to be mass produced and sold as a wonder drug, so long as they can prevent it from damaging the human body it looks like a promising piece of research that will defiantly open doors and eventually find a cure for cancer.
For over three decades, Harry Hoxsey (1901-1974), a self-taught healer, cured many cancer patients using an herbal remedy reportedly handed down by his great-grandfather. By the 1950s, the Hoxsey Cancer Clinic in Dallas was the world’s largest private cancer centre, with branches in seventeen states. Born in Illinois, the charismatic practitioner of herbal folk medicine faced unrelenting opposition and harassment from a hostile medical establishment.

Today we know that Hoxsey’s plant-based remedies contain naturally occur compounds with potent anticancer effects. According to eminent botanist James Duke, Ph.D., of the United States Department of Agriculture, all of the Hoxsey herbs have known anticancer properties. Indeed, researchers proved that herbal medicine can help to fight cancer.
Different institutions and non-government organizations are keep on researching to find new ways of treating diseases. Some of them are charities that accumulate funds to support their research. These researches are essential to have successful discoveries in the future. Some researchers also focus on plant or herbal based research to discover new alternative medicine. The good thing about alternative or herbal medicines is that they have no harmful side effects in other internal parts of the body. Medicines that are based in chemicals are helpful to cure diseases but in the long use of those medicines it can bring side effects. It is important that we seek alternative medicines under the supervision of our doctor.

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