Treating Diabetes Naturally

Treating Diabetes Naturally –

Diabetes is no longer a disease that is unknown for many Americans. Everyone either knows someone with the illness, or they have it themselves. It is not something that is pleasant. The effects to the body are horrible. The thoughts of blindness, weight gain, high blood pressure, amputation of body parts and even diabetic coma are some of the things that could happen once you are diagnosed. Generally it is not something that happens overnight but a gradual weakening of the body. The medical costs to live with the diabetes are staggering with or without insurance. That is why this article aims to inform you of ways that you can treat diabetes naturally without the high medical costs, and be free from the fear of the many ailments that are associated with this.


Yes you have heard this droned to you a thousand times. We all need to exercise more. Did you know that exercise will help you to lower your blood glucose level? When your level is low you have a smaller risk for incurring the ailments from diabetes. Studies have shown that simply doing thirty minutes three times a week will greatly improve your diabetes. If you haven’t exercised in a while make sure that you get a approval from your doctor.

Eating Habits

No more starches. Starches are simple carbohydrates that convert to glucose. As your body already has a problem processing the glucose that is in your blood stream it will only make the situation worse when you eat those starchy foods. If you add more lean proteins such as turkey, fish, or chicken and vegetables to your diet this will help to stabilize your blood glucose levels. Another thing that you can do to help is to cut out the sugary soft drinks that contain high fructose corn syrup. This is nothing but pure sugar that is going directly into your blood stream.

Treating Diabetes Naturally –

Vitamin Supplements

You may possibly be anemic or deficient in critical vitamins or minerals. This could also be a factor to treat the disease. By getting a simple blood test by your doctor they will be able to advise you whether or not your body is deficient. Depending on what the test results indicate, you can then add what you need back to your diet in supplement form to help you. If you are suffering from leg cramps you could possibly have a shortage of potassium and magnesium. You can add foods that contain this or take a supplement. Sometimes we aren’t getting the necessary amounts needed to sustain our body.

Diabetes is a disease that you can do something about. When your body isn’t working properly it needs to be corrected. Your body is providing you signs that something isn’t quite right. You can fix this by treating your diabetes naturally through exercise, eating habits, vitamin and mineral supplements. If you or a loved one has this disease you can help by following the things listed here.

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