These Are Some Dietary Tips For Children Suffering From Diabetes

the issue of diabetes is no more forbidden to attacking only the adults. In the present times, an increasing number of kids suffer from diabetes. Take a close look and you may observe that US alone has numerous children who are wrestling the problem of diabetes. Diabetes can strike kids due to a variety of factors. However, a major factor for this problem is diet. If you want your youngster to fight diabetes effectively, it is suggested to keep a watch on his/her dietary pattern.

It is an accepted fact that maintaining distance from sugar and similar sweet things is important if discomfited by diabetes. Well the same goes for youngsters too. Kids are terribly fond of sweet stuff like pastries, chocolates, cakes and lots more. If your kid is diabetic it is advisable to keep him/her away from such food stuffs. If it is tough to control your child’s need to munch on these sweet foods, it is recommended to give him / her swaps. Some good options in this context are fruit salads and frozen deserts. These food items have low sugar percentage and hence keep a good check on the blood sugar levels.

It is not just the sweet things that can aggravate diabetes in your child. Salty things like pizzas, pastas, burgers, hotdogs etc do equal harm. These foods contain simple carbohydrates, which get digested quickly and spike the blood sugar level. Therefore, it is important that you make sure that your kid isn’t eating out too often.

For any diabetic kid, packed foods are simply out of picture. Chips, wafers, cookies etc are savory looking pieces of trouble. If you child has diabetes make them understand that these products aren’t for them due to their high contents of trans-fats and starch. Trans-fats and starch are known to become worse diabetes.

Make homemade meals a must have. They aren’t just healthy but will also help keep your child’s blood sugar levels in control. Try to use whole grains for cooking. Whole grains contain complicated carbohydrates and help stabilise your blood sugar levels. You can select multi grain sandwiches or multi grain pastas.

Also, attempt to include more of vegetables in your children’s diet. You could add a bit of plants to the pasta. Or you could make vegetable sandwiches for your child. You need to create engaging paths to make your kid eat his usual dose of veggies.

It’s a standard thing in every household that children are not extremely to eat the home made food. But you can always make the food more enticing to the kid in the way you present it. As an example if your child is not very fond of vegetable sandwich it advised to make the food more interesting for him/her by making a smiley on it. Another effective measure is to incorporate variety in food. A sandwich can be prepared in variety of ways. Some good options are cheese and mustard sandwiches, tomato and lettuce sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and many more.

So, wait no more. Simply make these changes in your child’s diet and rest assured that he / she’ll fight off diabetes effectively.

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Diabetes has tripled since the 1980’s. Apparently it is the most common chronic disease in the U.S. today and many people are not diagnosed. So we can expect lots more to find themselves in the same boat as me, especially now that the medical establishment has lowered the criteria where they can call you diabetic. In 2000 they lowered the fasting blood sugar threshold number from 140 mg/dl to 126 mg/dl. They also created a new category of 110 mg/dl to 125 mg/dl as an interim period. This is because they discovered that damage on a micro-vascular level was already happening at those levels. Even so the standard blood test still doesn’t catch people who are glucose intolerant because it only tests fasting blood plasma rates. If you have hypoglycemic issues, you likely have fluctuating blood sugar issues after eating a meal high in starch or sugar and this will produce insulin issues just as diabetes does. That’s where that term sugar shock comes in. I’ve been hypoglycemic all my adult life and I’m only being flagged now.

The book The Diabetes Solution was my go to book for the basics about handling this condition and it was a very good science based introduction, though it is more focused on people who are already using insulin. I also wanted to know more about the science behind insulin and why our nutrition assumptions were so ass backward. In Good Calories, Bad Calories, everything became clear and the whole controversy around nutrition fell into place too. Diet is possibly the most contentious subject I’ve stumbled upon. It was also through this book that I realized that I was going to have to give up trying to save the planet from being trashed by livestock, by eating low on the food chain, as Frances Moore Lappe so famously suggested in Diet For A Small Planet. And then there are those who want to serve their animal loving ideals, but all those fake meats and alternative FrankenSoy foods are just plain dishonest because they are misleading and add another layer of calculations to find out how much carbs you are actually eating. And if you are going to promote a plant based diet it will likely be high in carbs—otherwise it will be too low in protein. Plus current book I am reading says those soy derivatives mess with your thyroid. There are still vegetarian dishes I will cook, but I will have to modify the starch intake. I did find out that I can offset a meal high in carbs and hitting a glucose reading of 132 mg/dl, with exercise which will bring it down to 84 mg/dl. It doesn’t have to be super strenuous, yoga will do, but it has to go on for a while. Ninety minutes is good. An hour will probably work.

I was lucky to have arrived at this point when the Paleo diet was in full swing because it gave me The Primal Blueprint Cookbook which is not only helping me with the whole pre-diabetes dilemma of what to eat, but has recipes that are much easier to cook and take less time than my vegetarian dishes. It is also saving my relationship because every dish I’ve made from it has been delicious. Catherine wants to be vegetarian again, but she is relenting because her doctor’s want her protein intake to be quite high. I’ve been playing it safe by cooking only chicken dishes, bacon for bacon bits and vegetables, but soon I will venture into the beef ones. More on the Primal Blueprint here. He’s not as out there as the wild game/no cultivated foods Paleo people so is easier to live with.

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