The Cure for Cancer is Within

cure for cancer
by maf04

Many scientists and researchers are trying to find a cure for cancer. Many people who have cancer are going through extremely miserable times losing their hair and feeling nauseous.

It is true that chemotherapy and surgery can be helpful. Chemotherapy can kill the cancer cells, but it can also kill your immune system drastically. Surgery can get rid of cancer cells in a certain area, but cancer can be lurking in other places.

There are many more cancer therapies; natural and medicinal that have been discovered. But, the best cure is the immune system. Even the medical doctors know that macrophages and white blood cells kill cancer cells.

Everyone has cancer to one degree or another. The immune system works daily to fight off these little parasites.

And, it takes about 18 years for cancer cells to even become a little dot that is visible with an x-ray and microscope and extreme enough for doctors to consider chemo or surgery for you.

It’s usually not an emergency when you find that you do have cancer. There are many people who have been told by their doctor that they only have six weeks to live and to go home and die, because there is nothing that can be done at that point.

But, then some of these terminal patients go to a special healing center where nine out of ten people experience reversal and remission and go on to live long healthy lives. Some of these natural health centers have competent medical doctors and dieticians.

It would probably be good to do some research and comparisons regarding these places. Find out about the background of the staff, the statistics of patients recovery, and contact information of past patients to learn of their experiences.

Hallelujah Acres is one such place that has a great success rate and really knows how to put people on a fast track to healing. They have competent people on staff and many testimonials, but there will be a lot of stuff to buy.

Make an informed decision between the medical and the natural choices. It’s actually pretty easy to get rid of cancer if you eat more live raw plant foods, sprouts, take special health-building supplements.

You can drink vegetable and wheat or barley grass juices. And, there are certain fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices that specifically help the immune system function better and help to fight off invaders.

It is also important for your immune system to have an optimistic attitude. By having good feelings, you can boost your immune system many times. Exercise, a supportive social network, and sunshine are also important factors to learn about.

You can study about the cure for cancer from the 20-year China study, where a definite connection between cancer and animal proteins was discovered. You definitely should be avoiding the junk foods, sugar, artificial additives, and animal proteins if you want to beat cancer.

It’s actually something that is very doable and hopeful to pursue certain health programs. You can become well.

Destry Masterson is a health and nutrition expert. She publishes articles about health, nutrition, and food storage for 25 years.

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