Purple Rules in Boasting Healthy Living

Grapes were the food of the Gods in Rome, fed to them by slaves while they reclined in their baths. During the reign of Cleopatra, many natural foods were consumed as well. And we continue to promote the very foods the Romans ate, to boast a wealth of healthy living benefits.

The darker the natural food, the more powerful the cancer fighters inside your body are. Fruits such as blackberries, blueberries, purple grapes, figs, cranberries and good quality plums, should be consumed on a regular basis for a wealth of healthful benefits.

Purple grapes rule. These are the richest tasting table grapes; Choose bunches of these beauties with pliable stems and plump, full-colored berries. Purple grapes can be stored in refrigerator for up to one week, as long as they are unwashed. When ready to serve, rinse well. Purple grapes are like “a little bit of heaven” when put on cereal, waffles or served with light cheese. Chopped grapes make a delightful substitution for syrup or sugar. The healthy bonus is purple grapes contain Manganese and fibre.

Super-sweet figs are one of the fruit family’s greatest delicacies. These deep purple beauties should be free of bruises and have their stems intact in order to keep well as figs are picked when they are fully ripe. Serve at once or chill up to 2 days; return to room temperature prior to serving. Many people cut the figs and put a dribble of honey on them; this is optional. The healthy bonus of figs is they are rich in fibre, potassium and manganese.

Cranberries are such a delight when served fresh cooked with turkey and dressing. These tart, delightful tasty berries can be frozen up to 6 months and they even will last up to 2 months in the refrigerator. Do not wash cranberries until ready to use. Favorite recipes for cranberries are muffins, pumpkin bread, scones, salads, often are used in dried form to snack on. One package of cranberries with 1 cup sugar stirred in and simmered for 30 minutes will provide the most delightful sauce. Healthy bonus of cranberries is they contain Vitamin C and fiber.

Dark plums are delightful to use as a snack, for lunches, canned, made in an upside down cake, or stewed. Good quality plums have just the right balance of sweet and tart flavor. Ripen plums at room temperature; they are ready to eat when the fruit gives slightly when squeezed. Black plums (dark dark purple) are grown usually in Chile, are fairly expensive, but oh so tasty! Always remember to wash any fruits carefully before drying and consuming. Healthy bonus of eating plums is they contain Vitamin C and fiber.

Purple fruits are one of the most scrumptious fruits, very satisfying and offer us a wealth of healthful benefits. Remember these gems in your eating plans for good health.

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Healthy Living
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thers. Most of the things that are worth while aredone by men and women working together. If youkeep playing with all your might, all the time, to helpthe rest of the team win, with-out looking for any specialglory for yourself—you willsurely make a good citizen inafter life. Indoors Again.—In thelate afternoon and after sup-per, or when it is too stormyto be out, there are other in-teresting things to do. Sew-ing for girls and carpenteringfor boys, and story books forboth, are waiting for you,with many other ways ofpassing the time as well. Even in these hours, how-ever, that little body of yours should not be entirelyforgotten. In the first place, remember that it needs fresh aireven when you are indoors. If the room gets too hot,-^ipen the window and freshen up the air for a few min-^•.es, and you will get more enjoyment from whateveryou are doing and you will do it better. When you are sitting quietly reading, your habits ofholding your body are being formed, as much as when

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Fig. 6.—Health habits: vigor-ous play in the open air. i8 HEALTHY LIVING you are walking or running about. Dont loll and siton the middle of your back with your feet on the chairor sofa. Old people and sick people and tired peoplemay need to rest in this way, but a child should be ableto sit up, straight and strong. Dont forget to give your eyes a chance, too. Thosetwo eyes are among your very best and most useful servants. Keep them strongand clear by always having agood light when you reador sew. Bedtime.—^At last bedtimecomes. The body that hasworked hard all day mustrest and grow, so as to dostill more to-morrow. Dontshorten the sleep time thatit needs. The teeth must be brushedagain. And then—to bed, ina room with the window opento let in the cool fresh air, and off to the land of dreamswith the memory of a well-spent day!

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