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Diabetes cure
by merfam

A stunned Toronto Medical Center scientific community recently found that the nerve system is responsible for triggering the development of diabetes in an individual. This fact can possible assist in finding an actual cure for the millions of individuals being weighed down by this debilitating condition.

Dr. Michael Salter, a researcher at the Hospital for Sick Children found that mice with diabetes overcame the condition twenty hours after the introduction of a compound to circumvent the effect of reduced neurons in the pancreas. He exclaimed, “I couldn’t believe it. Mice with diabetes suddenly didn’t have diabetes anymore.”

While this seems to be an actual cure for diabetes in the making, the researchers urge caution before jumping for joy over this discovery. The study still needs to be applied to humans but this can be done within the next two years. As for the actual cure for the condition, it may still take a few more years before being made available to the public.

The research is to be published in the journal “Cell” and hopes it would be one great step in finding an actual cure for diabetes that many sufferers have been seeking for so many years. The research may actually turn the current knowledge on Type 1 diabetes on its head. Type 1 diabetes is a genetic condition brought about by auto immune reaction of the body against the body’s naturally produced hormone insulin.

It also goes against the vein on many Type 2 diabetes information. With this study, the commonality between the two kinds of diabetes is more far reaching than what has been accepted and the nerve system plays a role in other inflammatory illnesses, like asthma and Crohn’s disease.

The research team injected capsaicin into the pancreas to kill the pancreatic sensory nerves in lab mice with diabetes. The compound is the main active chemical element in chili peppers. After twenty-four hours, the islets in the pancreas began producing insulin at normal levels, even after the mice were diagnosed with diabetes. It was found that the nerves secrete neuropeptides that help in correcting the functions of the islets in the pancreas.

In a previous study, lab mice with diabetes exhibited low levels of this important neuropeptides that in turn causes stress on the islets in its normal production of insulin. When the compound “substance p” was introduced to the pancreatic cells of the diabetic laboratory mice, the inflammation disappeared and the normalcy in insulin production was retained for as much as four months after the initial dose. This together with the results of the new study helps in making possible remedies for insulin production in known diabetics.

Bobby Castro is the online editor at the Diabetes Forum, where he has published a number of articles about diabetes treatment and many other topics.

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Diabetes cure
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