Natural Cancer Cure Using Cesium High PH Therapy

Introduction To Cesium Therapy

Cesium therapy, also called cesium high pH therapy, for treating cancer was discovered in the 1970s. Scientific research that led to this discovery goes back to the 1930s. The key to this protocol is alkalizing the tumor environment with the use of cesium. It may be the simplest natural cancer cure known.

This article gives a scientist’s views of cesium therapy. The purpose is to provide sufficient information for you to decide whether to use this protocol. It is not meant to be an explanation on how to do it by yourself. Too many variables from once patient to another mitigate against having a single formula for cesium therapy. The best strategy is to get help from a naturopathic doctor or other medical professional who has experience with natural cancer cures (see below for how to get help)

How Cesium Therapy Got Started

Information on how cesium therapy got started as a natural cancer cure is well known and available on thousands of websites. Much of this historical information is good. However, at the moment a Google search yields 19,300 hits for cesium high pH therapy and more than 800,000 for cesium therapy. Obviously, most of these pages are just copies of one another. This just means that you can get a great historical perspective by reading just a few of them.

The first proponent of cesium high pH therapy was A. Keith Brewer, who discovered that cancer cells have a high affinity for cesium. Cancer cell membranes readily absorb cesium, which is the most alkaline of the metals. The consequence of taking in cesium, therefore, is to radically raise the pH (alkalinity) of the cancer cell to 8.0 or above, which leads to the death of the cancer cell within hours or days.

An acid cellular environment was first documented by Otto Warburg in the 1930s to enhance cancer cell growth. He went further to explain how acidity, the metabolism of glucose, and the relative lack of oxygen worked together for cancer cells to thrive. Changing all of these factors, starting with alkalizing, became valuable strategies for stopping and reversing tumor growth

Medical Research

The first cesium therapy study, by Dr. H.E. Sartori, began in 1981. He started with 50 terminal cancer patients, 47 of whom were considered by mainstream medicine to already be hopeless. They had already had all the treatment that they could take at that point.

Dr. Sartori started with a cesium protocol that included 2 to 3 grams of cesium chloride give by mouth 3 times each day. He also included specific supplements and dietary changes.

The first change that Dr. Sartori noted was the disappearance of pain in every patient in less than 3 days. Pain is a normally a huge problem for terminal cancer patients and requires the use of morphine. For many patients, morphine may be the sole drug after cancer treatments have ceased, for the purpose of staying comfortable as death approaches.

Half of the original patients were still surviving 3 years after the study began. The nonsurvivors included 13 patients who died within the first 2 weeks of starting the study. They were too late to benefit from the cesium therapy. Autopsies of these 13 patients still showed a reduction in tumor mass in each patient. A 14th patient died after a tragic accident at home. She suffered a fatal fall because her cancer had destroyed her hipbone. Like the others, her autopsy showed that she had very little tumor mass at the time of death.

Mainstream cancer treatment fails at least 95 percent of the time when the original cancer metastasizes to other sites. This is a miserable failure rate. On the other hand, Sartori’s study showed that cesium therapy saved 25 of 50 terminal cancer patients from early death. How long might the others have lived had their cesium therapy begun before it got too late for them?

The flaws in this study are too numerous to include in this short article. Conventional cancer researchers can easily pick it apart. The study was not designed scientifically. At best, I would call it a series of case studies, not really an experiment. Case studies are the medical equivalent of testimonials with medical data. They have value in spite of not offering statistically significant results.

The bottom line is that Sartori treated 50 hopeless cancer patients and 25 of them lived well beyond what anyone in mainstream medicine expected. Subplots in this story entailed remarkable pain relief as well as individual case histories that defied possibility via conventional treatment.

Sartori and others continued to obtain similarly amazing results in subsequent small studies.

Highest Cancer Cure Rate

That claim refers to the great German cancer doctor, Hans Nieper. His success was so high with cesium therapy and other modalities that he may have had the best cure rate ever. This claim is difficult to validate. Nevertheless, it gives you a good perspective on how others have viewed Nieper’s work.

Nieper also treated celebrities from around the world, including famous actors and politicians from the U.S. It is not important to know they were at the moment. Perhaps the most telling description was offered by Nieper himself in the following quote:

“You wouldn’t believe how many FDA officials or relatives or acquaintances of FDA officials come to see me as patients in Hanover. You wouldn’t believe this, or directors of the AMA, or ACA, or the presidents of orthodox cancer institutes. That’s the fact.”

The original source of this quote is either buried in a book or in an interview article, so I have not verified it. It shows up on several thousand web pages, including the quote page for the American Medical Association. This is weak evidence for validating the quote, so we are stuck with it as is.

Getting Treatment Help

The first step in getting help with cesium therapy should be enlisting the services of a naturopathic doctor, ideally one who has experience in cancer treatment. We are fortunate here in Arizona to have several of them. In addition, Arizona is one of only 14 states that license naturopathic doctors. You can find a reputable one in any state, regardless of state licensing, by looking for one who has graduated from an accredited naturopathic medical school.

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