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It seems like these days everyone is always focused on the latest trend in fitness. They think they have to buy the latest gadget, or subscribe to the latest dietary advice in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Essentially people want to outsource their healthy living onto someone else so that they don’t have to express any effort in the process.

This, of course, is unattainable. There is simply no way to be healthy without doing anything else in your life. Switching to diet soda instead of regular soda isn’t going to make you healthy, buying the latest smoothie mix isn’t going to make you healthy and purchasing memberships to health clubs without ever planning on attending certainly won’t make you healthy.

What it really takes to have a healthy lifestyle is a concerted effort and commitment on your part to overhauling your lifestyle and removing the bad influences. You absolutely have to be motivated to put in this amount of effort, and if you find yourself unmotivated then there is just no way you’re going to be able to follow through on your ambitions.

If you are not on the fence, and 100% committed to a new and healthy lifestyle then the process will be hard, but you will find it very rewarding. You won’t mind the work because you’ll know that for all the effort you’re putting into the process you’re going to get a lot in return.

If however you are committed to healthy lifestyle than you should know it doesn’t have to be incredibly difficult, or expensive. You don’t need all the latest technology and gadgets to live healthy; all you need is some common sense and good advice. Eat healthy, exercise more and don’t smoke. Those are the three main tenants of living healthy; and if you can manage to get a good eight hours of sleep every night you’ll be well on your way to success.

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Week 2 – side
Healthy Living
Image by emmerogers
One week of my new healthy living regime done.

I almost met my goals this week, but not quite.

Here is what I did:

Day #1 – walk
Day #2 – walk
Day #3 – day of rest
Day #4 – airport hiking hauling a rather large cat
Day #5 – water aerobics
Day #6 – water aerobics
Day #7 – day of error – no time

Aside from this, being back into my old routine, I found it hard to always eat at reasonable times, so I caught myself eating dinner late on 3 of these nights. I’d like to eliminate the late night eating.

And how do I feel after week one? Way more energized.

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