Key Facts About Chlorogenic Acid

Raw coffee beans contain a natural compound called chlorogenic acid. The chlorogenic acid is largely destroyed, however, when the coffee beans are roasted. Thus, any attempt at losing weight from drinking coffee brewed from roasted coffee beans will unfortunately be a waste of time.

The chlorogenic acid present in the unroasted green coffee bean is what enables a person to lose weight, according to recent studies. As far as researchers know, the highest natural plant source of chlorogenic acid is found in raw green coffee beans.

Since the liquid from coffee beans that are not roasted leave a bad taste in the mouth, the extract from green coffee beans is most generally used as a supplement.

In addition, when they are not roasted, they are unlikely to provide the necessary quantity of chlorogenic acid that is consistent with amounts studied by researchers to be effective.

How Weight Loss Occurs By Using Chlorogenic Acid

The latest research shows that the release of glucose into the bloodstream is inhibited by chlorogenic acid. When this occurs, a reduction in the absorption of fat takes place because of the slowing down of glucose absorption into the bloodstream.

Another test in regard to the potential effects of chlorogenic acid and green coffee beans was conducted with people who had mild hypertension, with some participants being given a placebo.

It was shown that the people who had mild hypertension had a lowering of their blood pressure with no side effects. This was found from a Japanese study that was conducted in 2005.

When chlorogenic acid was given to rats, another study found that improved glucose tolerance was gained and cholesterol levels were reduced. The study was preliminary, and the researchers are going to conduct further studies in order to accumulate more information.

Dr. Vinson’s Recent Chlorogenic Acid Research

Dr. Joe Vinson, who is a chemist from the University of Scranton, in April of 2013, gave a presentation at the 245th National Meeting and Exposition of the ACS, which is the American Chemical Society. The ACS is the largest scientific society in the world. Here he discussed his most recent research in regard to chlorogenic acid.

In his talk, Dr. Vinson covered the natural extracted substances from unroasted coffee beans that can control body weight related to type two diabetes and elevated blood sugar levels. Chlorogenic acids were the primary focus of his presentation.

During his discussion, he illustrated that the most common form of diabetes is type two diabetes – which is becoming an increasing health problem – with nearly 26 million people in the USA alone having the disease.

He referenced a large study that showed evidence that a 50 percent reduction in risk from diabetes in people who drank 7 cups of coffee per day compared with people who only consumed 2 cups of coffee per day.

For normal, pre-diabetic and diabetic people, it appears, based on the evidence, as though chlorogenic acids are the active ingredients in coffee that both prevent diabetes and improve glucose control.

As exciting and dramatic are the early results of Dr. Vinson’s studies, it is still only common sense that people should strive to improve their diets if they want to lose weight. It is important for people to eat responsibly and exercise on a regular basis, even if there is evidence that green coffee bean extract can act alone in helping people to lose weight.

Paying attention to your diet and maintaining a regular exercise program will not only assist you with weight loss, but it will help to improve and maintain your overall health as well.

Your Doctor Should Always Be Consulted Before Taking Any Supplement

There are no conclusive studies in regard to how green coffee extract affects pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding, so anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding should talk to their doctor before taking a green coffee bean extract. People who have hypoglycemia, diabetes, or high blood pressure should also speak to their physician before taking the extract, since it is known that green coffee extract lowers blood sugar and blood pressure.

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