Kangen Water Will Increase Your P90X Workout Results

The term Kangen water is familiar to many people yet most see this term have no idea what it means. This term does not describe a product or any specific super natural healing type of water, rather is a phrase that has been coined and marketed ingeniously by the company known as a Enagic. Enagic produces and distributes water ionizers through a multilevel marketing process. The term “Kangen” is a Japanese word that means return to origin. The reason that word was used as the catchphrase for the company is to describe water that is run through their ionizers is water that has returned to its origin.

Science and medicine have done much to study and research how alkaline water helps to reduce the risk of certain diseases and illnesses and also how it helps promote healthy living. Specific areas where alkaline water contributes the most are generally the digestive areas of your body including your colon, as well as helping greatly with acid reflux and also helping to prevent diabetes for those that are prediabetic.

Kangen Water can really help not just your body from preventing illnesses but even more so your workout routines and can contribute greatly to the results that exercise brings. This added benefit comes not from the alkaline water as much as from the micro-clustering feature that the water ionizer contributes to the water. Most people when using a water ionizer never even realize they get much more than just alkaline water from their machines. Another example of this is that most water that is run through these machines when ionized also becomes a very strong antioxidant.

To anyone that is working out regularly and trying to find the much-needed edge a water ionizers micro-clustering feature is a hidden gem that most people are unaware. Enagic’s water ionizers that produce ionized water also have this hidden gem feature. Before you can understand exactly what micro clustering is it’s imperative that you first understand how water before it runs through an ionizer is clustered.

H2o from any old tap or bottle, or filter like Brita or Pure is what I like to refer to as jumbo clustered, meaning that the h2o water molecules combine together to make these “jumbo” cluster of 10-15 molecule size clusters. The problem with these “jumbo” clusters is that when we drink the water into our bodies the jumbo clusters are to large to fully hydrate our bodies.

Average water that is not the micro-clustered not only has the inability to properly hydrate a person, but also has the inability to get deep into your body to penetrate the areas of your body that absolutely need to be flushed out due to the fact that years of junk have been building up in your body. This is a problem easily solved by micro-clustered ionized water.

Micro-clustered water or Kangen water is water that has passed through a water ionizer and over the ionizers electrified plates. When this water passes over the plates it not only becomes alkaline water if that’s what you are trying to accomplish but also separates the jumbo cluster molecules so that average water which is made up of 10 to 15 molecules per cluster is reduced down to 4 to 6 molecules per cluster. This is an obvious advantage to anyone regardless of whether or not you exercise but it is a tremendous benefit to those that engage in regular workout routines like P90X. As it gives the exerciser the ability to be fully hydrated and allows their muscles to be completely flushed out so that they can properly grow allowing the body to fully benefit from the exercise you are doing.

Micro-clustering doesn’t just hydrate your body but also gets deep into your tissue and deep into your digestive system and intestines where proper hydration is really needed. As water travels to those areas it delivers oxygen which is very much needed and also has the ability to clean those cells. This is extremely important for anyone as it contributes to an overall healthier lifestyle due to the fact that your digestive system is a key department to maintaining a healthy life.

This one feature alone is a great tool that should be utilized especially if your working out regularly. The greatest loss during a workout are fluids and drinking plain water no matter whether it’s from Dasani aqua fina, smart water or from the tap you won’t be able to properly hydrate yourself no matter how hard you try.

If the concept and idea of ionized or micro-clustered water is relatively new to you and you do find that your exercise and workout programs are something that you take serious try not to waste any more time. Take some time and a little bit of energy to research how you can get your hands on water like Kangen water into your body. Doing so will not only help you with your fitness results but it will add to your overall healthier lifestyle and contribute greatly to feeling and looking better.

Kangen water is a wonderful healthy choice to your life that will help you stay in shape and energized. Adding Kangen water to your work out routines will greatly increase your results from programs like P90X and give you more stamina and energy at the end of the day.

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