Is There A Type 1 Diabetes Treatment Solution?

Type 1 diabetes is a critical condition that lots of people are born with or contract early in life. Type 2 diabetes takes place when the pancreas does not generate enough insulin to keep sugar in the blood in check. The immune system attacks cells that are responsible for insulin generation and the entire body gets unable to manage all of the extra sugar. For many years, the medical professionals were convinced that there was small hope for a type 1 diabetes cure and that this was a long-term, lifelong condition. Unfortunately, lots of people with type 1 diabetes live a shorter life that is typically riddled with other health problems that spin off of the condition.

Promising Study

With excellent advances in technology and an expanding know-how of the complexness of the human body’s systems, researchers are now concentrating on new and promising treatment options that may, in fact, produce a type 1 diabetes cure, only time will tell.

Raw Foods

Some research suggests that taking on a vegetarian diet plan, based entirely on raw, natural food products is a potential type 1 diabetes cure. Diabetics obviously cannot handle sugar, and when they fill up their body with refined, sugar-laden food products, their ailment just worsens. Advocates of the raw food movement cite that when an individual switches from a poor, highly industrialized diet program to a raw food diet regime they can bring about general health and charge the pancreas and the immune system to function appropriately.

Reprogramming the Body’s Immune System

There is a few thrilling research being carried out that involves reprogramming the immune system so that it does not strike healthful insulin-producing cells. The study, still in the early phases has demonstrated that rodents with type 1 diabetes begin to develop healthy insulin generating cells when their immune system was reset. Though there are lots of things still to be completed before this treatment can be administered on humans, this treatment method is promising and may be a potential type 1 diabetes treatment method.

Islet Cell Transplant

Islet cell transplant was effectively done in 1990 and has been repeated simply because this time in diabetics who are able to come off of their insulin. Experts consider this treatment method as a possible treatment for type 1 diabetes. Diabetics are have completely new islet cells inserted into their body to change the ones that the immune system has wrecked. It is anticipated that the completely new cells will take over and begin to generate the insulin required to control blood sugar. The transplant is done under local anesthetic and will take a couple of hours.

Although a lot of individuals have had good results with this treatment, scientific studies are still being executed. Type 1 Diabetes Cure

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