Is Resveratrol a Cancer Cure?

When it comes to the search for a cancer cure resveratrol is one of the many natural compounds that are being studied. Researchers have found that it interferes with all three states of carcinogenesis, from initiation to the progression of the disease.

But, these studies have only been conducted using cell lines. Scientists have found many things that are effective against cancer cell lines, even vitamin C, but when they conduct human trials, they find them to be ineffective. There is no clear understanding of why this is the case.

In addition to being studied as a cancer cure resveratrol is also being studied for its cancer-preventative benefits. Many natural health experts believe that you can greatly reduce your risk of cancer by improving your nutritional intake and regularly using supplements that contain natural plant extracts with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity.

They also believe that it is possible to live well past 100, without developing chronic or life threatening diseases. Again, they believe that the key is optimal nutritional intake. A totally balanced supplement would provide all of the essential vitamins and minerals, derived from natural sources.

Here’s an interesting fact, most of the supplements that you see on the market contain synthetic vitamins. When it comes to vitamins C and E, hardly any company uses the natural form. Even foods are fortified with synthetic or artificial vitamins. Why would anyone believe that these things would be good for us?

We know that artificial preservatives, colors and flavorings cause numerous health problems and many of them increase our cancer risk. Artificial vitamins are not the same on an atomic or quantum level as the natural form. Scientists can only recreate the molecule. The molecules look the same, but no one ever tested them to see if they have the same activity. To this day, no one has test artificial vitamins against natural ones.

If it is developed as a cancer cure resveratrol will likely be synthesized. They already know how to make the molecule. They just need a reason to do so. The natural version is not cheap, but it is readily available. Manufacturers choose to use synthetics because they are cheaper than the natural versions and usually they are more readily available.

If the synthetic version proves to be ineffective in treating cancers, scientists will not go back and reconsider their choice. They will not conduct additional studies to determine if the natural form is more effective.

Judging by the scientific policies that have been a part of the past, there is unlike to be a cancer cure resveratrol based product in the future. If you are well, the best thing that you can do is focus on prevention by taking an excellent nutritional supplement that includes natural trans-resveratrol in a 50% concentration.

If you are sick, the best thing that you can do is consult with a doctor of naturopathic medicine. I know people personally that are cancer-free after consulting with a naturopathic MD and following his or her advice. They may not offer a cancer cure resveratrol treatment, but they do have other options.

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