Is Graviola Nature’s Cure For Cancer?

Over the years the subject of the rain forest herb Graviola has attracted a lot of attention, not least because it has been suggested it is a “miracle” natural cure for cancer.

There has been a lot of conjecture and rumor about Graviola, indeed it has been suggested that drug companies knew about its properties but decided to keep quiet about it.

The generally accepted story is that a drug company tested Graviola as a cancer cure on rodents and got some stunning results back. However, when they tried to find the active ingredient (most likely phytochemicals) they could neither isolate nor synthesize and therefore would have been unable to get a patent. So, it was swept under the carpet and the world was denied a potential cure for cancer.

I know it sounds like a major conspiracy theory that might even make the banking scandal pale into insignifcance, but is there any truth in the rumour, or indeed the fact that Graviola can cure cancer? More on this in a minute.

First Up, What Is Graviola?

Found in sub-tropical regions the graviola tree grows to roughly 5-6 meters in height. It produces a rough looking yellow/green fruit that has a white pulp like inside. It is edible and the tree itself has dark green shiny leaves.

It is found mainly in the tropical areas of both North and South America with a particular concentration in the Amazon (those Amazonians are so lucky with their natural herbal resources!).

The fruit is often found in local markets and mainly used in drinks and sorbets due to its sour taste. As far as the indigenous population are concerned and their use of Graviola for health reasons, most parts of the tree are used including the fruit, seeds, bark and leaves.

Graviola can is also known as Annona Muricate or Soursop depending on where it is found, and in Spanish areas is called Guanabana.

Is Graviola really a cure for cancer?

Let’s quickly revisit those dark rumors! I have been told that the West first started to look into Graviola as long ago as 1940, but…I haven’t found any hard and fast proof on that.

The indigenous population have been cultivating the herb for its health properties for centuries. The normal use is as a sedative, but healers in the Amazon have been known to use Graviola to cure various disease including liver, fever, arthritis and heart disease.

In the Caribbean it has been said Graviola is used to cure fever and rid humans of parasites as well as being used as a cure for stomach complaints. In the Amazon it is also used to help liver complaints where it is made into a tincture. Oil is also extracted from the seeds to make a rub for rheumatism and arthritis.

Certainly locally Graviola is accepted as having many health giving properties, but what about it’s cancer properties?

I think it’s fair to say that cancer is rare in tropical areas of the world. Is it the herbs that is responsible of equally importantly the lack of dairy and processed foods…similarly to the South East Asian diet another area of the world where cancer is rare.

China is another area where cancer is rare and it is often said cancer is a “Western” world disease.

It could also be argued that the diagnostic power in tropical regions is well below that of the West and that a lot of cancer goes undiagnosed. However, it’s equally possible that these rainforest herbs are partly responsible for the amazing health the people of these areas seem to enjoy.

Is Graviola the cancer cure the West has been waiting for? Is there any evidence to support the case that it might be, or even help prevent this damaging disease?

Western “cures” for cancer are invasive and debilitating, how does Graviola compare?

A member of the genus Annonaceous the phytochemical that has attracted the attention of Western researchers and that is thought to be the active ingredient is called Annonaceous Acetogenins.

In any experiments carried out results suggest even the smallest quantities of this chemical have produced stunning results in eradicating cancers. The reason this is so enticing is that our current treatments (as opposed to cures) are so toxic to the body, Chemotherapy being a prime case in point.

The first known true clinical research was by the National Cancer Research Institute in 1976. This involved a number of animal tests

During the tests many cancers were found to be eradicated by the Garviola leaves, including lung and prostate cancers.

And the finding suggested that the Graviola had the ability to only target the cancerous cells, leaving healthy cells free from attack.

With current cancer treatments being so damaging to surrounding cells and the body in general, this would provide a huge quantum leap forward in cancer treatment.

I think it is very sad that the pharmaceutical companies have not made this research public. Is profit more important than giving hope to the millions who suffer this horrible disease? If this is the case the drug companies should hang their heads in shame.

Perdue University finally published some confirmed results from their testing in 1997, and these results confirmed the anti-cancer agents in Graviola had proven successful in eradicating numerous variants of cancer.

Since those results in 1997, nothing has happened. The drug companies have done nothing and you have to ask why not? And you also have to ask how many lives have been lost due to their refusal to move this research forward?

Graviola is now widely available, so I would suggest it should be part of your daily supplement intake. Graviola also provides a host of other benefits as it is also a powerful anti-oxidant and seen by indigenous users as a general health giving tonic.

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