How To Find A Natural Cure For Diabetes

Diabetes cure
by merfam

Diabetes is a medical condition which means the body cannot process and break down sugars effectively. If left untreated it has many complications, diabetes militis or type one diabetes need insulin injection, but the onset of middle age diabetes usually gives more leeway for natural diabetes cures.

Natural cures for diabetes are useful for stabilizing the condition and reducing the risk of complications, which include hypertension, which increases the risk of heart disease and strokes, a build up of insulin in the extremities which can lead to amputation, and blindness. The nerves and kidney’s are also adversely affected after a long period of diabetes.

The ACE vitamins A, C and E all play a crucial role in managing diabetes naturally. Weight control is essential for the management of the diabetes and chromium reduces the HDL cholesterol levels and assists in weight control.

Whole grain unprocessed bread with added seeds, and mushrooms contain Ace vitamins and chromium. Calcium found in dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter and yoghurt as well as the cruciferous family of green vegetables; spinach, cabbage, broccoli help to reduce blood pressure and also assists the body to produce more insulin. Calcium is also important for controlling high blood pressure.

Consuming raw vegetables is better for than cooked and that is true for everyone, because cooking vegetables is a process and unprocessed food is better for us. Cooking destroys vitamins and minerals; if you must cook vegetables then steaming them is the healthiest option. To increase raw food fresh baby spinach leaves make a lovely base for a salad, cabbage red, white and green make an excellent base for coleslaw.

The greatest natural cure for diabetes is in fact exercise, because it helps in two ways it assists the body maintain a healthy weight and exercise improves the bodies’ natural ability to respond to insulin. Exercise does not have to be an hour in a gymnasium with weights, though it can be. Gentle exercise which raises the heart beat slightly is just as effective. Walking, swimming and yoga are all free and a half an hour a day is sufficient to make a difference.

Gymnema Sylvestre is a herb native to India and Africa, and the tree extract appears to reduce the desire for sugary sweet things which a diabetic cannot have. In many cases it lowers the blood sugar as well. Test on diabetic rats have concluded that it stimulates the pancreas which produces insulin to work more effectively.

There is no one natural cure for diabetes it is a matter of trial and error as everyone reacts in a different way, but as the number of complications increase from the use of synthetic insulin the problem is being investigated all the time.

As well as producing insulin the pancreas also controls the distribution of water in the body. When you are dehydrated, the pancreas rations the limited supply of water to the body and whilst it does this it reduces the amount of insulin it produces. Every diabetic should aim to drink eight glasses of water every day. That means water not water in caffeine products such as coffee and tea, the body has to process tea and coffee and that effectively reduces the water it can use.

In short the best natural cure for diabetes is plenty of sleep at least eight hours a night, eight glasses of water, gentle exercise but at a rate which is sufficient to make the heart work a little harder, and a diet rich in raw and unprocessed food.

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Diabetes cure
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