How A Golden Treasure of Fruits Benefit Healthy Living

Golden colored fruits are a treasure trove of tasty benefits to healthy living. These fruits are packed full of vitamins and fiber, and notably, are low in fat and calories.

Eating papaya is like “having your cake and eating it too.” Papaya is the tropical fruit which has a soft buttery like consistency when ripe. Eat healthy ripe papaya as you would melon, cutting lengthwise, scooping out the seeds, then eating with a spoon. Just half a papaya contains twice the RDI requirements of vitamin C we need and is very rich in beta carotene.

Nectarines are ready to eat when they have a deep yellow golden skin with lots of red on it. Nectarines should be slightly soft at the seam. This little gem, when ripe, should have a sweet aroma. These treasures can be eaten with the skin on and have a zingy, fresh taste. Nectarine’s can be chopped and added to salad, served with meats, or eaten on their own. Nectarines healthy bonus is fiber and Vitamin C. A favorite fruit because of its portability, nectarines can be used as a healthy snack several times a day.

Cantaloupe is known for its refreshing flavor, and juicy texture. It is a melon that has an earthy aroma. Cantaloupe should be picked by heaviness for its size, and there should be no soft spots on it. Note: cantaloupes should be washed on the outside with a vegetable & fruit washer to fully cleanse the outside before cutting up, as they can carry bacteria on them. Once cleaned, scoop the seeds and middle out of the fruit. Healthy cantaloupes are wonderful with any meal and can be cut up into balls with a special cantaloupe scoop, or cut in halves and sliced into neat pieces, or peel the outside and just chop into smaller squares. Cantaloupe can be pureed and made into a summer drink by adding soda water topped with mint. Cantaloupe has many healthy benefits; vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium, plus fiber content is high.

Oranges are a favorite for almost everyone. This little treasure comes in many varieties, mandarin, Chinese, and of course, naval oranges, full of intense citrus tasty flavor. There is nothing more refreshing and healthy than eating an orange, or having a fresh glass of orange juice in the morning, which is like a little bit of “heaven”.

Orange juice is used in many alcoholic drinks, such as vodka and orange, champagne and orange juice, often for brunch. Use oranges for healthy recipes; the rind puts zest in flavoring muffins, loaves, cookies, blender beverages and a host of main dish baking, such as chicken recipes, and salads.

Our treasure box is now full of golden fruits; why not use these little treasures to tantalize your taste buds, and reap the healthy benefits as well? Papayas, nectarines, cantaloupe and oranges are our natural treasures that give us a wealth of vitamins, fiber, and refreshing flavors for benefits of healthy living.

Carole-Anne Stanway enjoys her creative healthy recipe cooking by eliminating salts, trans fats, and incorporating healthy fruit choices and vegetables, with herbs as flavor. Expand your knowledge in using new fruits, invaluable herbs, create simple, quick, inexpensive healthy recipes at Carole-Anne’s exciting recipe site at

Duck in November (Explored)
Healthy Living
Image by Douglas Brown
I took this photograph yesterday in the late afternoon. I took it for several reasons. One, it shows there is absolutely no snow on the ground now! And, two, these are special Ducks who live downtown in Cuddy Park near our Library. They do not fly South. They are fed all Winter by visitors to the park and there are a lot of Ducks here!

This creates a small controversy. Local environmental groups say Ducks who live mostly on bread scraps are not healthy. The Dept. of Fish and Games says they will test these Ducks this winter, draw blood, etc., and see how healthy they are in reality.

All these Ducks in one small area do cause some risk of fecal coliform in the water there and presents some small danger to dogs who may eat the Duck droppings.

I guess I tend to side with the position that it’s better not to feed the Ducks here which causes them to endure some pretty severe Winter conditions at times. They would be far happier in their Condos in California. 🙂

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