Healthy living through The Mediterranean Diet

Perhaps one of the biggest illusions regarding the Mediterranean diet is that it isn’t a Hollywood diet plan that revolves around counting calories or carbohydrates or controlling how much liquid you put into your diet every single day. Instead, it is simply the way of life for the people living in the Mediterranean part of the world, and follows their recipes and their daily staple food, which include plenty of fruits and vegetables and very little in the form of processed meals.

The vast majority of Hollywood fad diets would have you believe that any form of fat intake is completely bad for you, but the reality is that there are good types of facts that you should be consuming. This is where the Mediterranean diet is so effective, and why it is that so many studies have been done over the years because scientists want to understand the health benefits of healthy forms of fat from olive oil and other natural sources.

When you do a straight up comparison of the Mediterranean diet with the average Western diet that most people in the United States are following, there is a stark difference in the fat intake and the source of where that fat comes from. Less than 8% of the fat and the Mediterranean diet is coming from an animal source, while roughly 80% of the fat in the typical Western diet comes from an actual animal source.

Our bodies are in portable devices which naturally break down the various nutrients provided to us through our food based upon the chemical reaction of the components within. One of the most powerful aspects of the Mediterranean diet, as described by the experts who have researched it over the years, is the fact that all of the various components making up the nutrition in the diet are working together through nature to chemically create the ultimate nutrition for our bodies. There is no single element; rather, it is a total combination of factors.

The first step is to reduce or completely eliminate animal fats from your diet. Decrease your intake of butter and margarine, and increase your daily intake of all of oil and nuts. Start eating seafood several times a week, and keep your eggs down to every few days. Keep your intake of red meats down to once a month. Drink at least six glasses of water each day, along with a couple of glasses of wine per evening and plenty of fruits and vegetables and you will be on track to weight loss and healthy living through the Mediterranean diet.

The Mediterranean Diet Plan is the most trusted fat loss program on the planet. For more information, you can read up on the Mediterranean Diet to get started on your personal journey today.

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