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The reality of the matter is that there is nothing harder than losing weight. Most people are just not going to be willing to put in the insane amount of work that it requires to actually get long term results. I can tell you right now that you are going to lose an insane amount of weight if are willing to do the time.

The first thing that you must do is remove all the distractions in your life. I am telling you from the bottom of my heart that you should not skip this step if you want to successfully lose weight. The biggest culprit to your success will be your television and video games.

Then comes the step where you must remove all the processed foods from your home. Don’t feel any guilt because this junk food you are throwing out is the reason that you are fat to begin with. Just take your time and go through all your food and remove the bad stuff.

Now the exciting part comes where you get to buy healthy and nutritious foods to fill your cupboards with. You want to start consuming healthy and balanced meals. Trust me this is the most important step out of the whole process so take your time getting it right. Believe me most of the weight loss results you achieve will be down to the foods that you consume.

I think it is incredibly important to get out there and focus your time and attention to exercise… but only once you have nailed you diet. I think that the step of exercise is really important for you to take seriously. You need to get down to the gym at least 3 times per week to lift weights. Its not cardio but lifting weights that gets you in the best shape of your life.

That is all the information you are ever going to need to lose the excess weight that you are carrying around with you. Now you just need to get out there and work hard to applying the guidelines I’ve set out for you. If you are able to follow these steps exactly then you will be fine. Losing weight is the easiest thing in the world if you just do the work.

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