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With so many weight loss and diet plans out there, thinking of which one suits you best is already a struggle. In the United States, more than half of the adults are overweight and most of them, if not all, suffer the consequences of being one like with medical issues, low self-esteem, and poor performance.

But considering you are privileged enough to live in a civilized society, gifted with rich soil, and surrounded with all the knowledge and equipments to stay fit and healthy; wouldn’t it be logical to think that you are a healthy person? The answer is a big — NO.

For some people living in cities, it’s really hard to keep a healthy lifestyle despite the fact that everything you need is already within your reach. One of the reasons may be because the not-healthy-yet-compelling type of lifestyle is also just around the corner.

In this case, you need a healthy living guide. It may sound a little daunting but the reward is definitely sweet. And actually, it’s not as hard as you think.

The first, which is almost effortless, step in this healthy living guide, which is almost effortless, is no simpler than water. No you’re not going to a hot spring or take up a swimming lesson, just drink plenty of water. Drinking sufficient amount of water does wonders to our body. It helps flush away toxins in the body, hydrates your skin and other cells, and prevents kidney stones, constipation, and colon cancer. It also makes you feel stuffed so you don’t crave too much for food every now and then.

Next step is to observe your eating habits. Be aware of what you eat and how you eat. A balanced diet requires proper servings of food according to the food pyramid. The food groups are arranged from the least amount on the top down to bigger servings at the bottom.

A dietician can also help you get a good idea on how to manage your food servings. There may be times that intake of a certain vitamins or minerals must be increased in intake because of deficiency issues like anemia, osteoporosis, or poor eyesight.

You must also observe eating on time. Eating three meals a day, breakfast, lunch, and supper, will provide your body proper nourishment at the right time. Skipping meal, on the other hand, is a big no-no. If you don’t eat on a certain meal time of the day, it just reciprocates the benefit which is malnourishment.

Another healthy living guide for you is an obvious one, exercise. It is not only to get that perfectly chiseled body but also it improves your health condition. It strengthens different parts of theour body and decreases risks of some illnesses and injuries.

After you work out, or just geot off from a day’s work, reward yourself with rest. Getting enough rest or sleep will help youth regain your strength. and This also makes different organs and hormones function more efficiently.

And lastly, be positive. Healthy living doesn’t always have to focus on physical development. Having a positive outlook in life can lead to a lot of surprising changes, on the good side that is, for you. It can improve your work, your concentration, your relationship with others, and with everything life can offer.

This healthy living guide can lead you to better and more satisfying life.

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Handprints cover the asphalt of Garfield Elementary School’s newly redesigned playground, which emphasizes physical activity as a greater part of the curriculum.

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