Healthy Living: Back To Basics

Healthy Living
by Esthr

When trying to live a healthy lifestyle, sometimes people will overlook the basic things. Here are ten common sense things to incorporate into healthy living.

1. Drink your water. One of the most basic things you can do to stay healthy. Yet most don’t do it. Drink 2 quarts a day and your covered.

2. Fresh fruits. Eat a variety of these daily. They are great in between meals to snack on. Consume a good variety of them in order to get your daily values of vitamins and antioxidants.

3. Quality protein. Everyone knows that fish and chicken are good sources of quality protein, but you can also use quality protein shakes in place of traditional protein sources.

4. Avoid some starches. White potatoes, instant oatmeal, white bread, and regular spaghetti are broken down quickly by the body.

5. Exercise. Get your heart pumping at least three times a week for thirty minutes each time.

6. Vegetables. Get your veggies. Its best to eat them raw, but cook them if you must. The darker the vegetable the better.

7. Graze. Eat small portions throughout the day. Most people already know its healthier to eat 6 or so smaller portions throughout the day than 3 large meals, and science has backed this up.

8. Liberal amounts of fatty acids. Essential for metabolism. They are present in large amounts in certain fish but also in flaxseed. Mix some ground flaxseed in your food and you are good to go.

9. Fiber. Everyone knows they need more fiber, but how do you increase it? Fruits and vegetables for one, but eating whole grain breads instead of white bread is another. Think whole grain products instead of refined flour.

10. Raw nuts and seeds. High in the good fats. Eat a handful each day.

This list is short and sweet on purpose. Do the above on a regular basis and you wont believe how much better you will feel.

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Atmore Hospital Healthy Living Expo
Healthy Living
Image by BHC Focus On Excellence
BHC Ambassadors greeted participants with a free Get Healthy Pensacola! tote bag

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