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Your health insurance Georgia policy may include many benefits, besides covering a portion of the financial costs of medical care. Many health insurance Georgia companies offer many resources and advice to improve the health and welfare of their members.

Online health care tools are one example of resources available to members of health insurance Georgia companies. For example, United Healthcare (UHC) has joined with Quicken to provide a Quicken Health Expense Tracker. This is an added value of a UHC health insurance Georgia policy. Using this Tracker, you can go online and get help understanding your health insurance Georgia policy, and keep track of your claims and expenses. The Quicken Expense tracker is a way to manage all of your family’s health insurance Georgia expenses, charges, claims, and reimbursements. You will be better able to know what is owed and why. UHC provides this service to anyone who purchases a health insurance Georgia UHC policy. Claims are automatically added to the Tracker, anytime you access medical services using your UHC health insurance Georgia policy.

Coventry Healthcare (CVTY) has similar online care tools for members of a CVTY health insurance Georgia policy. Their member resources include “My Online Services”, a portal to help you control your personal health information. This is also the area where you can access information about your health insurance Georgia plan benefits. “My Online Services” also provides a dashboard view of recent health insurance Georgia claims that have made against your health insurance Georgia policy. CVTY members can also access results or laboratory tests, summaries of current drugs, and other helpful information on drug and health problems. Another helpful aspect of the CVTY “My Online Services” portal is that those individuals who are enrolled in a Coventry health insurance Georgia policy can access other online tools such as, average cost comparison, and health risk assessment tools.

Members of a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia health insurance Georgia plan also have access to “My Health BCBSGA”, which offers many helpful online tools. One beneficial tool there is “My Health Assessment”, a health assessment test that lets you compare your health to that of other members and people in your age range. If you use this health insurance Georgia BCBSGA online tool, you will also receive information on improving your health, and ways you can make your lifestyle a healthier one. There are several calculators to help members of a BCBS health insurance Georgia plan. These calculators will help you find your target heart rate, take a diabetes diet quiz, provide ideas for healthy fast food menu items, teach you about basis stretches, and much more.

Those individuals enrolled in a Kaiser Permanente (KP) health insurance Georgia plan also can access an online program called Health Media Succeed, to help them make healthy lifestyle choices. This program includes a health assessment to give you insight into how your everyday style of living is affecting your health, in either positive or negative ways. The program will then give you suggestions and will help you monitor your progress.

As you can see, there are many online tools and resources available to members of almost any health insurance Georgia plan. Check the web site for your health insurance Georgia provider to see what is available to you.

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