Health Education – The Backbone of Nations Growth

Health is wealth as we all have heard this title many times. Health is combination of two main parts that is physical health and mental health and they both are important to keep the person strong and healthy. Health education plays a very important role in our society. Healthy living is very important to be healthy. This type of education teach us what are the benefits of being healthy and what precautions should be taken to keep our self healthy and fit. It is a professional mode of educations by the professors and teachers. Health education is combination of health and education. It is a construction of healthy body with healthy soul. There are group of people which are involved in this education process to promote the healthy living. Health education is given very much priority in the coming time as the economy of a country is depend upon the health and the well living of the people.

Health education programs are the most important part of healthy living society. There are various health programs organize for us to be healthy and few are discussed below for you:

1. National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP)
2. National Kidney Disease Education Program (NKDEP)
3. Weight-control Information Network (WIN)
4. National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse (NDIC)
5. National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse (NDDIC)

And many more are there which can develop our healthy living. There are many colleges and institutes where the health education program is being taught and in fact they are given internships to be the part of their institutes.

Health education careers are very useful as you maintain the health of thousands of people as a health care specialist. You should have good knowledge about your course and the rescues made in it. Career in this field can help many people to become strong and work on there health. The health is not only about being physically strong but also mentally strong matters too. If you feel that you should gather more knowledge about the career in health then you can opt for the health education degree which can provide you a wide range of health education on this topic. These Health Educationists can also have great hand in the disciplines like:

1. Nursing
2. Occupational Therapy
3. Healthcare Management
4. Public Health
5. Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine
6. Physical Therapy, Social Work.

These health care professionals can also have great chances to get employment opportunities in Health schools services and also in the training institutes.

Nutrition health education is the most important part of the health system as many people in our country are not aware of what nutrition is more important to be taking and at what time. The nutrition heath education gives you knowledge about the right nutrient for your body that is required. You can also have great career opportunity in this field as you can become the nutritionist in the gyms and can become the consultant’s institutes. Proper nutrition is very important part of every one’s body so as its knowledge.

Now days, health education is considered as most useful ways to train people to concern about their health. You can also look for such health education programs to try your hand in health education career. Find suitable learning sources to obtain health education degree. Get lots possible information on nutrition health education that may boost your career in health.

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Image by DES Daughter
" … many people – including many doctors – just love gadgets and measuring things… … Actually, there’s too much monitoring in some health matters. Some monitoring could cause anxiety without benefit, or lead to actions that do more harm than good. "

Hilda Bastian is Editor etc at PubMed Health, blogger at Scientific American. Commenting on epidemiology with cartoons at Statistically funny.

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