Ghana Black Star and Stars and Stripes – Obama in Ghana

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Ghana Black Star as well as Stars as well as Stripes – Obama in Ghana
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< img alt=" Healthy and balanced Living" src="" width=" 400"/ > Image by< a href= "" > Monde Perso The flag of the United States and Ghana. Black Celebrity and Stars and Stripes. Photoshop design for a few of our Tees, we designed for Obama’s visit in Ghana.

Have a look on the actual < a target=

” _ blank” href=”″ > T-Shirt with that flag. The idea to develop a< a target=" _ space "href=" "> Obama in Ghana collection for his first go to as chosen Head of state of the United States to an African nation generated the first news mid May. German developer and professional photographer Stefan Meisel that’s living in Abidjan, Cream color Coastline considering that 2007 made the initial formats in the very first days of June, along with designer Yves Dossou who developed currently a street wear collection for the Ivory Coastline in 2002. The both innovative are interacting given that February 2009 to bring fresh air in West African street wear. The workshops and also ateliers are beside the front store called “Monde Perso “– which is a French catchword for “Develop your very own (individual) globe “- in the centre of Abidjan. L’idée de créer une < a target =" _ blank" href= "" > collection Obama au Ghana pour sa première visite en tant que Président élu des États-Unis à un pays africain est venu avec la première nouvelle mi Mai. Developer et photographe allemand < a target =" _ space" href =" "> Stefan Meisel qui vit à Abidjan en Côte d’Ivoire depuis 2007 a fait la première mise en page dans les premiers jours de Juin en partnership avec le designer Yves Dossou qui a créé déjà une collection street wear pour la Côte d’Ivoire en 2002. Les deux créateurs travaillent set depuis Février 2009 put donner un nouveau souffle au road wear en Afrique de l’Ouest. Les studios et les ateliers sont à côté du magasin “” Monde Perso” “dans le centre d’Abidjan

Monde Perso – Personnalisation des vêtements et autres supports
Sérigraphie, Flex, Transfert, Broderie, Strass ect.
Abidjan Marcory-Résidentiel, Côte d’Ivoire
Tél.: (+225) – 21 26 57 94 Mail: mondeperso [at]


extracted from the website < a target=" _ space" href="" rel=" nofollow "> The U.S.A. gov:. Remarks by Obama as well as Mills at Separation Ceremony.

Obama discusses his perceptions as well as experiences from his journey to Ghana THE WHITE HOUSE. Workplace of the Press Secretary, July 11, 2009. STATEMENTS BY PRESIDENT OBAMA As Well As PRESIDENT MILLS OF GHANA AT DEPARTURE EVENT, Kotoka International Airport terminal, Accra, Ghana 6:24 P.M. GMT.

PRESIDENT MILLS: Fellow Ghanaians– fellow Ghanaians, identified girls and also gents, far too quickly, our august site visitor is arranged to be leaving us. But I would want on your part to thank him, his other half, his children, and also his whole delegation for the honor that they have done us by choosing us as the initial nation to go to in sub-Saharan Africa. (Applause.).

We thank him for the message that he delivered to us. He intends to have a close collaboration with us. He desires us to promote freedom. He desires us to drop the path which has actually been scorchinged for us. As well as he desires us to take our fate right into our own hands. And also there is hope, because hope is a really effective tool. The Good Lord has actually honored us with abundant presents, as well as we know that this browse through is going to open so several doors to us. (Applause.).

Head of state Obama, there’s not a solitary Ghanaian that is not thrilled by your check out. As well as a great deal of Ghanaians started wishing you the minute they listened to that you were involving see us. The Great Lord has actually heard our petitions and you have actually come. And I think that, by all standards, we can all say this has been an extremely effective browse through. I would certainly consequently, my sibling as well as siblings, like on your part to say me dawase, me dawase. (Applause.) Thanks. Thanks. (Applause.) Nyame, Nyame– Nyame fa me koe. May God securely direct you. Thanks, Head of state. (Applause.).

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Hi, Ghana. (Praise.) Thank you. Thanks. I wish to thank individuals of Ghana for this remarkable visit. Michelle as well as I have been substantially honored to be signed up with by President Mills and also his charming partner. They have actually been thoughtful hosts.

You understand, your Head of state and also I have a lot in common. We’re both attorneys, we’re both former legislation professors, we’re both brand-new head of states. (Applause.) We both like to believe of ourselves as athletes. The difference is President Mills played hockey on the national group of Ghana, as well as I played basketball mostly in my yard. (Applause.).

Yet we both enjoy sporting activities. We’re both proud of offering our nation. As well as today I wish to recognize President Mills for his strong and thoughtful leadership, his dedication to democracy, as well as his dedication for the future of his nation. I likewise wish to give thanks to the stunning inviting committee, consisting of the drummers as well as the professional dancers. Michelle and also I and also our children appreciated it really a lot.

I desire to acknowledge our Peace Corps volunteers that are here. (Applause.) You recognize, Ghana was the initial country to host young individuals from the Peace Corps. And also for years, our two nations have actually developed vital partnerships and long-term relationships due to this program. So every one of you in the Tranquility Corps, you are doing a superior task and also we take pride in you. (Praise.).

As someone whose papa comes from Africa, obviously this browse through has been specifically significant for me. I’ve had a chance to talk about the future of Ghana but also the future of Africa with President Mills. I have actually talked to the parliament below in Ghana regarding America’s dedication to sustaining freedom as well as growth.

Michelle and also I saw La General Health center, where we consulted with gorgeous females and their kids that are getting the treatment that they require for a healthy and balanced start.

And also ultimately, we toured Cape Coast Castle– a place for centuries where males, ladies, and also kids of this nation and surrounding areas were sold right into slavery. I’ll always remember the image of my two young daughters, the descendants of Africans as well as African Americans, going through those doors of no return, yet after that walking back those doors of return. It was a remarkable pointer that while the future is unknowable, the winds always blow in the direction of human development.

At each point of our go to here, I was reminded of the long-lasting bond between our nations. Males and female drawn from this nation assisted to develop my very own. Today, most of our leading people trace their origins to these coasts. Your initial President went to a college in the USA, as did your existing one. Wonderful civil legal rights leaders of America, like Dr. Martin Luther King, looked to the self-reliance motion below in Ghana and also asked themselves, “” If Africans can live easily in Africa, why can not African Americans live easily in America?”.

And also immigrants from Ghana and from all across Africa have prospered all across The U.S.A.. Today, both our nations are varied and lively freedoms. Right here in Ghana, several various ethnic teams talk many languages, but have actually found a means to live and interact in peace. People below could speak freely and praise freely. You have a robust civil culture, fair elections, and a complimentary press, an expanding market economic climate as well as a sense of power as well as optimism. And also everyday with its success, Ghana sends out a straightforward message to the globe that democracy could thrive in Africa. (Applause.).

So we in The U.S.A. boast of our collaboration with Ghana. Together we’ve functioned to progress education and also battle hardship. We’ve made actual and also quantifiable strides in battling illness from malaria to tuberculosis to polio as well as neglected exotic illness. This is a partnership we mean to proceed. It’s a partnership based not simply on shared passions, yet on common suitables– perfects forged in battles for self-reliance that have actually made our nations that they are.

We think that freedom is not merely a gift from previous generations, however a responsibility for each and every generation to maintain as well as to pass on. Our team believe that no person, whether it’s via the impact of politics, the power of cash, or the anxiety of pressure is above the regulation. And also our team believe that we’re all equivalent, all endowed with basic human self-respect, all entitled to standard human civil liberties.

It depends on each people, each of us, to promote those perfects. This is real not simply in Ghana but for every one of Africa. America wants to partner with the people as well as countries of Africa, but we all understand that the future of Africa is in the hands of Africa.

So I especially intend to, once again, speak with the youths of Africa. In position like Ghana you comprise over half the populace, as well as below is just what you should recognize: that the globe is exactly what you make of it. You have the power to hold your leaders answerable and also to construct establishments that offer the individuals. You could offer in communities like these Tranquility Corps employees– (praise)– as well as harness your power as well as education and learning to restore and build links in between the globe. You can dominate illness and end problem and make change from the bottom up. You can do all that.

And I promise you this: If you confiscate this opportunity, if you take duty for your future, The U.S.A. will be with you every step of the way as a companion and also as a buddy. (Praise.).

Freedom is your inheritance, hard won 52 years back by guys as well as women determined to cast off the title of topics for the title of residents, as well as insurance claim on their own as well as their youngsters the freedoms that are all our birthrights.

Dr. King came below to Ghana to witness the conclusion of that struggle. He saw as the Union Jack was lowered as well as the Ghanaian flag was elevated at the parliament. He marveled at the website of the Duchess of Kent dance with the brand-new Ghanaian Head of state at the state ball. As well as in a sermon he provided after returning house to The U.S.A., he stated of this new nation, “” There is a great day in advance. The future is on its side.” “Those words call simply as real today as they did over half a century ago.

Wonderful days lie ahead for this nation. The future is on Ghana’s side. I guarantee that America will certainly be with you. (Applause.) As well as together we will develop a better world.

Thanks, Ghana. God honor you and also God bless the USA of The U.S.A.. (Applause.).

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”” rel=” nofollow” > The U.S.A. gov. me me< img alt =" Healthy and balanced Living" src ="" size =" 400"/ > Image by< a href="" >
meg’s my name Sorry Carolyn, this is long as heck.

Foods you like, detest, can not eat (allergies, and so on)

Love nearly all points coconut unless it’s fabricated sampling; do not like coconut M&M s due to the fact that of this. Additionally dig basically all chocolates, cheeses, nuts, salty and also sweet combos, coffee seasoned stuff, maple, toffee. And peanut butter and also chocolate are just one of my fave combos along with Ferrero Rocher. I’m a big fan of crispy stuff, but don’t really look after salt and also vinegar chips despite the fact that I definitely like salt as well as all vinegars as well as crunch. Anything I don’t such as or cannot eat, isn’t actually mosting likely to work in the mail (environment-friendly bell pepper, salmon, lima beans, and so on.).

Coffee versus tea?

Absolutely coffee, but I do drink a great deal of iced tea and when I consume warm tea it’s usually sleepy things, some natural or blood orange. I in fact prefer dark roasts, yet when I utilize the toddy (which is most of the time) I use simply directly up French Market which’s a chicory/ coffee blend. I believe it tastes damn good, yet I recognize some people turn their noses up at chicory. I don’t normally inform people what it is up until after they inform me exactly how wonderful it tastes!

Where do you live? (I’m assuming climate, big city/small community, and so on)

The ONLY area to reside in Texas– Austin. I’m birthed and elevated Texan as well as ALL of my household is from Louisiana (New Orleans), seaside Mississippi as well as Huntsville, Alabama. I can’t obtain a lot more southerly; nonetheless, from a very early age I made a factor to not speak with an accent because I didn’t intend to be recognized thus. Currently when I drink or get lazy some of a drawl appears. My papa has a very unique Louisiana/ Cajun accent although he’s from seaside Mississippi as well as I locate it totally endearing. My mama has a pleasant southerly drawl as well as I need to admit in some cases I desire I had a little of each. I can do them both really easily so maybe eventually I’ll take after Madonna and simply completely alter the way I talk.

Preferred yarns/ textiles?

Hmm, I do not like wooly wools because I’m slightly sensitive. I enjoy knitting with Waterfall 220, yet it’s not something I will ever use. I enjoy merinos or merino blends. I weaved with a great deal of mercerized cotton and silk/wool blends. Waterfall Ultra Pima is my current fave cotton since the colors are awesome and also it’s so enjoyable to crochet with. Anything that’s soft is what I’m extra likely to put on. I’m primarily dig DK weight and love aquas, teals, turquoises, navy and white is my favorite color combo, bright reds, bright yellow, pleased eco-friendlies as well as any kind of greys. And really I such as most jewel tones, except purple. I believe it’s pretty risk-free to claim no mustard yellows as well as no purple. As well as I’m entirely fine with wool/synthetic blends. I truly wish to attempt Madelinetosh anything since I like her colors and also have actually heard remarkable points. Nothing variegated ever before.

Crafty searches – knit, crochet, spin, stitch, quilt, make friendship arm bands, any of these or others?

I weaved and crochet, crewel as well as embroider. I have an evaluate lots of woollen and embroidery string as well as own most of Sublime Stitching pattern collection. I have to get outside of that and begin dealing with some new patterns. I think I can safely state I’ll never ever make a friendship bracelet once more. For one reason or another the idea of it makes me flinch. I made MANY of those points in center institution and also while center college was not a bad experience, I have this hang up regarding experiencing again anything as well youthful. No violation to any person currently on the relationship bracelet kick since I totally obtain it, it’s simply except me.

Hobbies/pursuits/proclivities/ enthusiasms (besides the previously mentioned smart ones, obvs)

I review a great deal of fiction, historical fiction and memoirs as well as enjoy a smart great mystery/thriller. I undergo analysis stages and also have actually been on a respectable one this whole year. I assume having a swimming pool has actually assisted me keep the studying. I go junking (estate sales and also a periodic garage sale, second hand stores) with my sister a whole lot. I enjoy vintage bags, precious jewelry, scarves, paint by number harbor as well as sailing scenes, nautical stuff, furniture, cabinets, mirrors, etc. Photography, digital photography books, cooking, drinking, wine,.

What do you carry out in life? (job, occupation, school, household, and so on)

My title is Expertise Organizer/ Techinal Writer, however I currently do a great deal of GUI work. I have comprehensive experience in procedure material and also helpfile facilities. I thoughtlessly entered my task when a co-worker went out with cancer virtually 2 years back (he’s in remission, but not able to function because of other illnesses) and also though my client is the most requiring one I have actually functioned with, I like this job greater than any various other I’ve had with the business in FOURTEEN YEARS! I’ve worked from residence for almost 2 years as well as it gets lonely sometimes, however I like it greater than not. For anyone that cares, I build forms that end-users submit when submitting demands online, particularly for a global health treatment company specializing in Hemophilia and kidney disease. I also meddle paid photography jobs for my local thread store, weddings, loved ones.

Just what makes you pleased?

Everything concerning this image (iced coffee removed), knitting, True Blood, needlework, swimming, hanging out in my backyard, making other people laugh (particularly the dude), a great publication, shitty fact television that makes me really feel far better regarding my life, attempting new restaurants in community, hosting celebrations as well as get togethers, keeping plants to life, Packers winning video games, finding excellent deals on clothing or at estate sales, Playa del Carmen, mail, Flickr, conversations regarding poo, making things for others, Vampire Diaries, embellishing my house, wine, liquor, beer, Bored to Death, The Cable (except period 4 makes me unfortunate), enjoying the Sopranos over once more and also still extensively enjoying it while uncovering things I missed out on the very first time around, a healthy family members, mosting likely to an excellent stand act, words turd, my pet cats, dinner with pals, the beach, winter, rainfall. I love rain so exceptionally much. Omar Little from The Cord and Jesus Quintana from The Huge Lebowski.

Random favorites– shades, flavors, aromas, publications, motion pictures, TELEVISION, publications, categories, time of day, motifs (foxes, bees, squirrels, owls, beavers, mushrooms, bats) and so on

. I practically covered the shades under yarns. Again, I actually dig navy as well as white as well as have a lots of it in my wardrobe. I like sunny yellow as well as aqua, blue-green or grey with each other. The remainder is above. Fragrances: tidy, nothing fruity or food scenting. My superhero label is Nostrildamus definition I have an overly delicate smeller and also obtain frustrations and also queasiness from solid things. I presently sign up for Real Simple and Southern Living, the last bottoms me out due to the fact that it has a lot of good recipes in it that are so poor for me, however it’s pretty to take a look at. I’m thinking about subscribing to The New Yorker since my Nana always had it and I want something substantial to review when I’m outside hanging by or in the swimming pool. Other ideas welcome! Flicks: Moonstruck is just one of my faves, I’ve seen it possibly 30 times. Love Pee Wee’s Huge Journey, The Huge Lebowski, Amelie, The English Client, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Color Purple, To Catch a Thief, Back Window, Notorious (dig Hitchcock), Apparition (my outright fave scary movie) as well as lots much more, I see a lot of docudramas also. Fave TELEVISION is above and also a few other include Dexter, Madmen, Walking Dead, Boardwalk Realm, Treme, Lost, 6 Feet Under (unsure if that’ll hold up if I view it once again), Nonessential, Sons of Anarchy, Eastbound & & Down, The Big C. Motifs– I presume I don’t actually have a preference– anything nautical, yet I don’t like over the top anchors all over. Not really right into squirrels and also mushrooms anymore. Honey badger is quite fucking outstanding though. Love really mornings best, yet do not always rise in time for it. Likewise, like Carolyn, things with foul language in it please me. LCD Soundsystem, Gogol Bordello, Thievery Corp, Cut Replicate, TELEVISION on the Radio, Gotan Project, Bajofondo,!!! (elegant, chic, stylish), music that makes me tremble my butt, mani/pedis, massage therapies, coconut! eta: pens, paper, note pads, baked items, tidy perfumed bathroom things (i take lots of bubble baths).

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