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When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, it’s far from easy. Yet it is achievable with health wellness coaching. With health wellness coaching, a proactive approach is taken through lifestyle changes or enhancements to ensure good health and wellness. Through the expert guidance provided by health wellness coaching, you can achieve, regain and maintain optimal health and wellness.

Health wellness coaching can help those who are frustrated with not getting results from their current health and wellness measures. Health wellness coaching is also valuable for people who experience low energy, who struggle with implementing changes, or who have low confidence about their bodies.

Health wellness coaching involves one-on-one live sessions that are accessible in person, over the telephone, or online. Health wellness coaching can also be done on the worksite and is an affordable alternative to addressing high-risk behaviors of employees that can prove costly to a company. For those with little time on their hands to think about their health needs, health wellness coaching is ideal for focusing on what needs to be done to achieve a healthy life. Most health wellness coaching sessions are under an hour to alleviate time concerns, or can be customized to accommodate your busy schedule.

Health wellness coaching is beneficial for several reasons. First, it gives you access to an experienced professional who can offer a helping hand and be a mentor for establishing a healthy living plan. Health wellness coaching also reduces preventable illnesses, controls healthcare costs, helps you conquer life’s many challenges and improves your overall health.

Through health wellness coaching, you identify your goals, write down questions that you have about any health or wellness issue, and set an action plan with your coach to address your concerns and meet your goals. Health wellness coaching can include various components, among them establishing proper diet and nutrition, maintaining a consistent fitness program, reducing or eliminating health risk factors and helping to address family concerns.

Health wellness coaching is beneficial for reinforcing the healthy living and wellness goals you have set. Speaking with someone reassures that you are on the right path to healthier living. Through health wellness coaching, you gain the support of an expert who can help you determine the best nutrition for you, start you on an exercise program customized for your goals, identify measures of self-care and address physical and emotional measures that can hinder you from achieving your health and wellness goals.

There is so much information out there about health and wellness, some of it conflicting. But determining what applies to you and what is right for your body can be overwhelming. Health wellness coaching helps to make sense of all the information out there and apply it to your particular situation. With health wellness coaching, your needs are defined and met.

Health wellness coaching is a great way to help you start and continue your journey to better health. Those who take part in one-on-one health wellness coaching sessions are out fewer days from work, are more productive and lead happier, healthier lives. Health wellness coaching is a viable solution for making lifestyle changes to ensure you remain feeling healthy and staying well.

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Healthy Living
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Title: The sanitary news : healthy homes and healthy living : a weekly journal of sanitary science
Year: 1886 (1880s)
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Publisher: Chicago : The Sanitary News
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s-pool, a sump and a catch basin,whose interior, in the absence of any special ar-rangements, can never be fully flushed, butmust of necessity be foui in an unnecessary de-gree. The air vent shown in this sketch ren-ders liable the Ireezing of the water seal belowin cold climates, and, unless carefully protected,occasional stoppages by snow. As to the drain tothe sewer, below thehouse trap, the venti-lation that is so stren-uously urged for everytrap and pipe above istotally ignored, and,between a considerablepressure of the air andgases of the public sew-er and the whole in-terior of the housedrainage system andthe air currents intothe doors and windowsas well, through the air pipe, nothing is in-terposed but a hatful of filthy water, perhaps aninch and a half in depth of seal, if undisturbed. Now, turning to house Fig. 2, let us suppose aflushing trap at B, a horizontal air pipe betweenthe joists of the first floor above, C extendingup by a four-inch vent pipe, or rain-water lead- 1

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Fig. a trap, or just below it, before sudden andeasy relief is had by the shorter route to the er, above the roof, and no trap at A. Throughthe air pipe as shown the air will be forciblydrawn into the soil-pipe at frequent intervals, 2l8 THE SANITARY NEWS. [Vol. VIII, No. 134 while the drain below to the sewer will be I dinary displacement of air within its own length,flushed in a way that will speedily disclose any when no unpleasant results will ensue. In House Fig. 4 is shown anadmirable system of house drain-age, not perhaps generally appli-cable to buildings in the closely-built districts of the large cities,but which can be applied to manyhomes throughout their suburbs,and quite generally to houses inthe residence portions of cities,towns and villages, and in thecountry. As far as the ventilation of thesystem is concerned, it will beimproved by applying the prin-

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