Effective Diabetes Treatments That Are Best For You

Diabetes is a lifelong disease which is primarily caused due to high levels of sugar in the blood. It can be caused by tiny amount of insulin, insulin resistance or even both. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas to control blood sugar in the body. People suffering from diabetes have high blood sugar, which could be because their pancreas stops making enough insulin and shoot up the level of sugar. Generally, there are three types of diabetes categorized into:

* Type 1 diabetes- It is diagnosed in childhood and in this, body makes little insulin due to genetics, or viruses. In this, daily insulin injections are needed.
* Type 2 diabetes- It is more common than type 1 and makes up for most of the diabetes cases. Mostly occurring in adulthood, pancreas does not make enough insulin because body does not respond well to them. Obesity and lack of physical exercise are prime reasons.
* Gestational diabetes- It is high blood glucose developing during pregnancy in a woman and also risks a cardiovascular disease later in life.

Main reasons of diabetes are:

* Age over 40 years
* Gestational diabetes
* A family member with diabetes
* High blood cholesterol level
* Heart disease
* Obesity
* Lack of physical exercise

Diabetes symptoms

Extremely high level of blood glucose in the body can create several problems, which may also include:

* Excessive thirst and hunger
* Blurry vision
* Frequent urination
* Fatigue
* Weight loss

Since type 2 diabetes increases slowly, at first, most people with high blood sugar find no symptoms at all. People with type 1 diabetes develop one or more above given symptoms over a small period of time.

Diabetes treatment

The immediate goals are to ensure lowering down of high blood glucose levels. People who are newly diagnosed with the disease may need to get a check-up in hospital.

The long-term goals of diabetes treatment are to:

* Reduce existing symptoms to minimum level
* Prolong life
* Prevent complications like heart disease, blindness, kidney failure, et al

These goals are only possible with the help of:

* Careful testing of blood glucose levels
* Blood pressure control
* Exercise
* Foot care
* Education and medication
* Meal planning and weight control

There is no diabetes cure as such but there are a lot of precautions, which could be taken in terms of proper medicines, diet and exercise to prevent ushering of diabetes symptoms.

You may find more information about diabetes online. Various websites educate and help you to check diabetes symptoms and diabetes treatment.

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