Diet for Diabetes – How To Control Your Diabetes Naturally

Diet for diabetes is essential in the regulation of blood sugar levels. It’s been said many times that the right diet, along with exercise and medication, is key in controlling diabetes.

Why is there a need to control diabetes in the first place? Although diabetes itself is not life-threatening, control measures are necessary so as to prevent complications like kidney problems and heart failure either which can ultimately lead to death. Such being the case, regulating blood sugar levels should therefore be the primary goal of every diabetic treatment plan.

You must know that certain foods trigger abnormal spikes of your blood sugar levels. Thus, it may be necessary to embark on the right diet for diabetes. There are foods that are highly recommended for diabetics to eat; at the same time there are also those that they must avoid.

Ideally, diet for diabetes should comprise of the following:fiber-rich foodswhole grains, bran, brown ricevegetablesfresh fruitsnuts, seeds, legumesfishWhereas, the following foods should be avoided or at least limited:foods rich in fatsalty foodssweetsThere is what is called the diabetes food pyramid that clearly illustrates the ideal diet for diabetes. The bottom of the pyramid represents foods that you must eat plenty of, and this includes starches or whole grain starches in the form of bread, cereals, pasta, corn, and potatoes. The next level of the pyramid are vegetables and fruits; next in line are milk, meat and meat substitutes, while at the top of the pyramid are fat and sweets, and these you should very well limit your intake of.

This diet for diabetes also requires that 45% – 65% of the total daily calories should come from carbohydrates, 25-35% from fat, while 12-20% should come from proteins.

Aside from knowing the right foods to eat, it is also important that you know exactly when to eat and how much to eat. Always keep in mind that anything in excess can have negative repercussions to your health.

As you must know not every diet for diabetes works effectively for all diabetics. Each one has different sets of needs and requirements, the reason why it is highly recommended that you see a diabetic dietician to help you come up with the right meal plan based on your body weight and needs. This way, you will not have to eat too much of anything that you shouldn’t, and not too little of those that you should.

If you think that this diet for diabetes seems rather boring, more so if you have a sweet tooth, think again, because with some bits of creativity, you can easily whip up a great meal that is just as delicious as any other meal you have been used to. A glass of fruit shake, a bowl of vegetable soup, and a toast of wheat bread can be a great way to start your day.

Indeed, a diet for diabetes can certainly be palatable, too, and since you are basically using natural products, you can be sure that it will give you loads of health benefits.

You’ll be surprised that this dietary regimen not only regulates your blood sugar levels naturally but makes you feel a lot healthier in the process. So even if you are not a diabetic, you can most certainly achieve better health with this diet for diabetes.

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