Diet Controlled Diabetes: Knowing How To End The Diabetes Battle

Diabetes is one of the most feared illnesses of this century. People with this condition are still high despite the efforts to eradicate this disease. This is a call for everyone to evaluate our understanding of this disease. When people have adequate knowledge of diabetes, they will know how to handle the disease and its symptoms.

Understanding diabetes

Many people assume that diabetes is as simple as having elevated blood glucose or sugar. This very simplistic explanation fails to capture the true seriousness of this disease. True comprehension of diabetes goes beyond just knowing that it can result to increased glucose.

Diabetes happens because the body has a defect or imbalance in using up glucose in the body. This glucose or blood sugar is formed from the food we eat and is needed by the body in order to support life. Without glucose or when glucose in the body Sugar becomes so low, you get weak and dizzy. Even if glucose is a bodily need, it should not exceed the normal range. There are three recognized categories in classifying diabetics.

First, some of them have an inborn defect in the pancreatic cells which produce the hormone insulin. Insulin is able to decrease free blood glucose because it aids glucose to enter the cells. Diet is not as effective as artificial insulin and medications in type 1 diabetes.

Second type is the real diet controlled diabetes. Diabetics within the type 2 classification have more chances of symptom management through diet and exercise.

The third classification of diabetes is the gestational type or the type that occurs with pregnancy. Pregnant women produce a hormone that creates an opposite effect of insulin, thus causing an increase in glucose.

Diet’s Role in Diabetes

Diet is included in the management of all types of diabetes. It is a simple rule to remember three important diabetes management namely: diet, medication and exercise. Diet is also a suggested strategy to fight diabetes type 1 and pregnancy induced (gestational) diabetes. Many diabetes symptoms and complications can be avoided with diet.

In addition, control in diet can decrease obesity. There are many studies that show a link between abdominal obesity and increased risk for diabetes. An accumulation of fat in the waists can make the pancreas less able to function and make insulin production less effective too. Without the proper level of insulin in the body, blood sugar can rise to dangerous levels. While trying to find ways to control diabetes may be hard, inclusion of proper diet can make the ordeal easier. Diabetes management must start early if you want to have a chance at recovery or control. If you let the condition go by untreated, you may arrive to the point when no further amount of diet, medications or exercise could relieve the symptoms. Make the burden of diabetes easier by following diabetes diet restrictions.

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