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Diabetes treatment, for some people, remains a mystery. For so many years, people have been led to believe that diabetes has no cure; that once you were diagnosed as a diabetic, you are a diabetic for life.

Indeed, when you think about it a number of diabetes treatment options are geared towards the control of diabetes only. The right diet, regular exercise, diabetic medications or insulin injections are all aimed at regulating blood sugar levels. This means that even if you have to do this everyday, you are not going to get rid of your diabetes totally; the most that you can do is only to control it so it does not worsen.

Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to a host of problems, some of which are debilitating, if not deadly. The unfortunate thing is that that more and more people from all over the world are now confirmed diabetics, making diabetes a worldwide concern; thus the urgent need for the ultimate diabetes treatment.

Thankfully, there just may be, although the ultimate diabetes treatment may not happen very soon. New studies of alternative treatments for diabetes are providing glimmers of hope for diabetics. The stem cell therapy technology and inhaled insulin, for instance, are said to revolutionize diabetes treatment if ever they get approved for implementation.

Stem Cell Therapy

One diabetes treatment proposal is called the stem cell therapy. This form of diabetes treatment which will make use of viable cells injected with proteins to trigger an insulin response. This, however, is still on the developmental stages and is yet to be tested on humans; nonetheless, if all goes well, the stem cell therapy is certainly going to provide relief for diabetics as this can mean no more insulin injections.

Inhaled Insulin

Inhaled insulin is a proposed form of diabetes treatment that enables diabetics to inhale insulin in powdered form via an inhaler. Once inhaled, the insulin goes directly to the lungs and then distributed into the bloodstream.

Apparently, these proposed alternative diabetes treatment options require more studies, and more researches, and of course they have yet to be approved by the regulating bodies prior to implementation.

Another approach to diabetes treatment that is worth looking into is the use of herbal remedies. Actually, a lot of people these days are preferring to go natural, especially when it comes to health. Herbal remedies are safe and without side effects, unlike certain medicines.

A number of herbs and spices are said to work well against diabetes, among which are:Cinnamon – cinnamon is very powerful spice in regulating blood sugar levels. Accordingly, a dash a cinnamon can cause a significant drop in the blood sugar levels. Diabetics on medications are even advised to observe themselves closely for signs of hypoglycemia if ever they take cinnamon along with their regular diabetic medications.Garlic – garlic not only lowers blood sugar levels, it also improves circulation and immunity to diseasesBitter melonFenugreekGinseng teaHuckleberry – this is believed to increase production of insulinThese herbs and spices may be taken in different forms and preparations, but of course, it is always best to consult with your diabetologist or physician first before taking any of these.

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Image by v1ctory_1s_m1ne
This is the tomb of, and effectively monument to, a man called Thomas Sayers, Victorian England’s most renowned and enduring figure in the world of boxing. Back then however, boxing was a very different sport, and was fought bare knuckled, with no limit on numbers of rounds, and in Sayers’ era, Queensbury rules hadn’t been introduced, so would have been a considerably more vicious and bloody affair. Oh, and it also happened to be illegal too…

Sayers’ was so loved by the public, that they begged him to retire after a 37 round, 2 hours and 20 minute fight against the American John C. Heenan, on the proviso that that he would be provided for, for the rest of his life, and never have to box again. This he consented to, and the collection for this not inconsiderable sum saw collections for him in not just the streets of London, but also the Houses of Parliament and the Stock Exchange!

He died five years into his retirement from diabetes and tuberculosis, aged just 39. Over the course of his long and bloody career, he made a number of high profile friends, including Lords and successful artists, who on his death made sure that a large and suitably elaborate tomb was raised in his memory. It bears the effigy of his beloved and faithful dog, Lion, who rode in the funeral carriage in place of his wife, who was by all accounts a rather nasty piece of work and hadn’t been above blackmailing Sayers on several occasions.

Again, the people of London’s affection for him was demonstrated at the funeral, when over 10 thousand people attended. At the time, that was the largest outpouring of public grief since the funeral of Lord Nelson over half a century before.

Sayers was elected to the Boxing Hall of Fame in 1954.

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