Curing Cancer – Chemotherapy is a Killer Not a Cure

Cancer is a plague on the face of the Earth. Think about the millions of people that are killed by cancer every year and the multi-millions of loved ones whose lives are affected as a result. Chemotherapy is currently the most popular method for “curing cancer”, but is it really a cure?

A closer look at this methodology, so commonly used all over the world as a supposed cancer cure, reveals a very different truth altogether. Many patients, in desperate, life or death situations, are given a prescription for chemotherapy that ends up being a very real death sentence, instead of offering the cure that they are in search of.

Death Doesn’t Bring Healing

The whole concept of how chemotherapy works is illogical to the point that it would be funny if the stakes were not so high. Chemotherapy drugs work by bringing the host of the cancerous cells (the cancer patient), so close to the point of death that the cancer cells are forced to die. Imagine trying to rid a vegetable garden of a few weeds by bombarding it with harsh, death causing poisons.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t expect any of the vegetables in that garden to survive, let alone consume any that did. Yet that same bill of goods is being sold to cancer patients and their families every single day. Physicians and hospitals promise to rid patients of cancer by introducing deadly chemicals into their bodies. It kind of goes against the “First, do no harm” clause of the Hippocratic Oath, doesn’t it?

Curing Cancer – The Live Giving Truth

Real healing for any kind of disease, including cancer, must be based on life giving principles and treatments, not death causing chemicals. Chemotherapy drugs are simply left over mustard gas concoctions that do exactly what they were designed to do – kill! Cancer can be managed, dealt with and cured by simpler, life giving treatments. As you know, vitamins and minerals are available that contribute greatly to our health. Simple intravenous injections of Vitamin C and hydrogen peroxide for 12 days wipes out cancer and it only costs a few dollars to do it.

Instead of buying into the deadly chemotherapy that is offered for curing cancer, it is time to wake up and realize that only life giving; healthy treatments can bring true healing for cancer patients. The ruse of chemotherapy has gone on for too long, and it is time for the world to wake up and look at the garbage the government and media are forcing on us as treatments.

These treatments are nothing but ways to expedite death sentences on cancer patients. There are ways to cure cancer, but the government, physicians and the media are not telling you the whole truth about the real cures. It’s time to stop the medical industry from draining millions of dollars from cancer patients for expensive chemotherapy treatments that only bring about death as the final result.

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Boro Petric, a Swiss native, became a longevity strategist after having battled a liver tumor that almost took his life. His website is a free online resource for people who want to live longer, stronger and healthier.


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