Blood sugar control for diabetics from a natural plant? There is one which is used in Asia with good results, apparently. Find out more about this leaf which has “natural plant insulin control.”

It is especially true that in most nations living the “Western Lifestyle” that diabetes is almost at epidemic levels. Certainly, this is true in the United State.

Much continues to be written about this scourge and what it does to the human body. And, in the popular press, there constantly are plenty of ideas about what can and should be done to control it

Dealing with diabetes is a huge business. The diagnosing, testing and supplying of various medicines has created an enormous industry.

But, is it possible that there is a Natural Substance, a plant, which will treat diabetes? If so, we might expect that the medical/pharmaceutical industry might not be too interested in discussing its qualities.

Well, Banaba might be that “Natural” that could do something with diabetes. Banaba is a medicinal plant used for the treatment of diabetes in the Phillipines. Because Japan is nearby there has been some research done by Japanese science on Banaba leaves. This, because it appeared that Banaba leaves have the the ability to reduce blood sugar or having an “insulin-like” principle.

According to Japanese research, Banaba contains a natural plant insulin which can be taken orally. When taken this way Banaba apparently has no side effects.

Many studies have been done on Banaba in Japan. One study mixed dried Banaba Leaf powder with chicken feed, and then analyzed the yolk of the chicken egg which was produced.

The analysis showed that Banaba was present in the yolks of these eggs. Diabetic mice were fed the Banaba enriched egg yolk and their blood sugar was normalized.

In another unusual study, an alcohol extract of Banaba leaves was sprayed at night into the air of a room where a diabetic patient was sleeping. It was found that as the person slept, their lungs received trace amounts of corosolic acid which was said to regulate blood sugar levels.

This night-time spraying reduced the blood sugar of the subject. This, indicated that the corosolic acid had been absorbed by the lungs. The leaf of the Banaba plant has been found to be high in corosolic acid.

The Japanese studies isolated corosolic acid as the active component of the Banaba Leaf. To tests this, a 1999 Florida study was instituted which found that corosolic acid did lower blood sugar levels. And, in all patients treated. The higher the level of corosolic acid given, the lower patient blood sugar fell.

It is interesting that more recent studies have shown that the entire Banaba plant could be useful for lowering blood sugar. A study showed that the roots, leaves etc all had the effect of creating lower glucose level. This indicated that the whole Banaba plant may be used to combat diabetes.

Banaba Leaf also had a beneficial effect in an entirely different area. It caused weight loss. This is believed to be true because of the way Banaba helps the body function.

A comment was made by Supplementwatch. The quotation is “An interesting side-effect of tighter control of blood sugar and insulin levels is a significant tendency of Banaba to promote weight loss (an average of 2-4 lbs. per month) ” without significant dietary alterations. It is likely that modulation of glucose and insulin levels reduces total caloric intake somewhat and encourages moderate weight loss.”

Many weight loss products now use the Banaba plant as a natural and safe component . This is the result of the many studies made of the plant.

It is not within the scope of this article to go into procurement of Banaba. However, this herb is available from some suppliers. We found that not all suppliers carry this herb. It is not an expensive herb to buy.

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