Beware Of Fake Diabetes Cures

For the millions of diabetics throughout the world, finding the cure for this dreaded condition is the most sought after remedy not only for diabetics but also for drug companies hoping to make a killing in the long run. Unfortunately, there is no effective cure that has been found for this condition.

Because of there has been no known cure available, many unscrupulous groups and individuals have been propagating supposed cures for diabetes. Many of these scams are done online and many diabetics, in their desperation, subscribe to their charlatan acts leading many to not only lose money but jeopardize their health because of the supposed cure-all. Because of their professional look and scientific presentation, many diabetics become entrapped in the purchase of a clear placebo diabetes cure.

There are specific clues as to the veracity of the cure being touted on these websites. Often, they are marketed under a particular brand name and have a byline of being 100% effective in curing diabetes. Ultimately these clues are mere chimeras providing no substance to their claims of curing the condition. These cure alls are often touted to be a natural combination of herbs and other elements that assist the individual to regain lost control and ability in the management of sugar levels. Finally, these cures claim that this can replace the diabetes drug regimen one has that causes major expenses for the individual.

In subscribing to these fake cures, many diabetics put themselves in danger. These diabetics are urged to forego current drug medications and go full time on the supposed cure. This can result in serious injury not only from the ingested material but from the lack of the proper medication as well as other regimens that previously assisted the individual in the proper management of this metabolic condition.

Government agencies, such as the United States Food and Drug Administration as well as cause oriented groups such as Diabetes UK have undertaken major operations to counteract these false and dangerous products. These are often done through sending letters as well as filing cases against the purveyors of these false products.

There is still hope for diabetics from being weaned off insulin in their management routine. There are a small number of Type 2 diabetics who have undergone diet control leading their bodies to produce the proper amounts of insulin for their daily needs. Other ways that are currently accepted are islet cell transplantation or gastric bypass surgery. Aside from these means, the known cure all for diabetes is still to be discovered.

Bobby Castro is the online editor at the Diabetes Forum, where he has published a number of articles about general diabetes and many other topics.

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Diabetes cure
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