Benefits Of Bitter Melon – A Natural Cure For Diabetes

Diabetes cure
by merfam

Natural cure for diabetics has been recommended in preference to regular insulin based treatment by many leading medical professionals. A renowned Norwegian Endocrinologist, with a record of treating more than 18,000 diabetic patients declared – “My experience with type 2 diabetic patients is that a balanced low glycemic diet coupled with a healthy lifestyle can reverse the disease.

Though reversing the disease is being contested by many medical professionals, there is no denying the fact that regulated dieting and exercising under the control of a physician can make the patient lead a near normal life like others without getting into further complications of heart, kidneys and CNS – nervous system.

Keeping Blood sugar level within specified limits is the aim of every patient and natural herbs are found to have effective means to do just that. Fiber rich foods and consumption of green vegetables have been very effective in this regard. When 100 grams of cumin seeds are soaked in 100 gms of water, and allowed to stand overnight, and in the morning, after eliminating the seeds, if the water is drunk, it also controls the blood sugar level to a great extent. Undoubtedly this is a natural cure for diabetes.

It is essential that for getting a natural cure for diabetes, the patients have to abstain themselves from highly processed junk foods and lean towards natural alternatives. In a study conducted in England on 11,000 women in the high-risk diabetic category, those with a high magnesium intake were less susceptible to diabetes. Dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, avocados and whole grain are excellent sources of Magnesium. It is recommended that diabetic patients should learn which foods are to be consumed for glucose level control.

Another Nature’s gift to mankind is a vegetable called bitter melon. It is certainly a natural cure for diabetes. It is also famous as bitter gourd, bitter cucumber, kerela and karolla. Besides Potassium and beta carotene, it is having plenty of iron also.Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and C along with phosphorous and fiber also are present. Without doubt, it is also a low cost substitute for costly injections and medicines for diabetes.

The chemical compound present in bitter melon is structurally very similar to chemical structure of insulin. Over long duration of intake, bitter melon can substitute the insulin required by the body. Other important chemicals present in it controlling the blood sugar level are Charantin, a steroid seponin, peptides and certain alkaloids.It can be aptly described as belonging to free diabetic supplies by nature.

For free diabetic supplies, a variety of governmental and non-governmental programs are there to help them in health care expenses. It will be good idea for diabetic patients and their caretakers to study thoroughly the relevant provisions in governmental publications about Medicare, and Medicare Basics. Through the Medicare website also they can get a thorough grasp on the subject of getting free diabetic supplies.

Vitamins available from various natural sources also help in controlling blood sugar level of the patient and hence are a natural cure for diabetes. Vitamin A, B 6, B12 and Vitamin C have been found useful as diabetic cures. With the help of testing facilities, if diabetes is detected in early stages, these vitamins will stop further degradation of other vital organs

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Diabetes cure
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