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To be healthy means living a much longer and fulfilling life; that is how I see it for the most part. You start out being healthy by putting yourself in a specific mindset. You need to reevaluate yourself, what you usually eat, and how active you are. While you do not have to be an Olympic-class athlete to be considered healthy, trying to strive for that ideal definitely does not hurt. Then you have to rethink your diet. Right off the bat you are going to have to throw away the idea of eating fast food and junk food on a daily basis. Also, get rid of soda entirely. Consuming so much sugar is never good for you.

You want the proper diet foods to give your body the health boost it so desperately needs. That said, you cannot just eat as much healthy foods as you want at any time of the day and expect it to help you with your goals; it does not work that way. You have to practice portion controls with the right foods. By doing this, not only will you eat the right foods but you will be able to control those late night cravings which can hold back any attempt at dieting or healthy eating.

Also, I know I used the word “dieting” in the last sentence but please do not call it being on a “diet”. Call it anything but, or better yet, call it a “lifestyle change”. As far as I am concerned, the word “diet” as a negative connotation to it. When people usually say they are on a diet it is usually with a sigh in your voice and regret in their heart. It feels like a giant, long-term chore to them and that is not the way healthy living should be approached. Calling it other than a diet will give you a different mindset. A very good friend of mine told me that this simple change of name has a sort of positive placebo effect that might just be enough to help you stick with it. And you know what, he was right. Since the day I had that discussion with my friend I have never called my choice to be healthy a diet. I have chosen to live a healthier lifestyle than I have done in the past. And truth be told, I do not think I was ever healthier than I am now and I am still sticking with it!

Healthy living is hard work but it is well worth the effort. Eating better is an important aspect on how to be healthy.

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