Asian Inspired Spa Therapies- For a healthy mind and body!

From ancient days people did numerous treatments in order to maintain and enhance their natural beauty as well as to maintain a balance between the mind and the body. Ancient therapists did constant experiments in techniques, theories and treatments using various natural ingredients such as herbs. Natural resources like water, minerals and clay also play a significant role in the process of making certain herbs which are being used in spa treatments.

Spa treatment helps to relieve body pain and improves the blood circulation in the system. It also assists to energize your fatigued body and lets your muscles relax and unwind in a natural way. According to medical research, it is proven that the spa treatments can reduce your hypertension and blood pressure. Nowadays based on your personal needs, you can choose the suitable spa treatment from a range of treatments available.

Most of these spa treatments are inspired and introduced by Asian therapists. Asian spa treatments are considered the best in the world. It has had a deep influence on the spa and wellness treatment industry which ranges from treatments, ingredients, interior designs to services. Asian inspired spa therapies have become the foundation and customers expect these exclusive services at any spa offering all inclusive therapeutic treatments.

As an industry that symbolizes the core of Asia’s past traditions and history, spa industry has now widely spread across Western countries but the real effect of the treatment is lost during this expansion over the years across the miles. Asian inspired therapies are used in these modern spas including the treatment rooms with treatments like sauna and salt. One of the most important aspects of a spa is its masters or the therapists. Most of the western spas nowadays have therapists from either Asian countries or crews who are trained under Asian spa therapists.

If you want to maintain your good health and natural beauty at the same time, wellness retreat at a luxury spa resort would be an ideal option. COMO Shambhala which promotes healthy living is one of the best places available for a perfect spa treatment and a wellness getaway.

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Healthy Living
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Authors: Winslow, C.-E. A. (Charles-Edward Amory), 1877-1957
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to pick it up, but washot enough to be quite uncomfortable after you hadcarried it halfway across the room. As the heat gotinto the fingers, some children by a simple reflex actionwould drop the plate on the floor and break it. I hopeyou would not drop it, however. You would check thereflex if you could, and stand the pain till you had putthe plate down in some safe place. In such a case, thenerve message telling the muscles to drop the platewould be overruled by another message from yourcentral nervous system saying, Stop! Dont do it.We can hold on a little longer. Such an order to stopis an inhibition. Inhibitions are usually hard at first, but they canbe learned by practice. Some children, for instance, 62 HEALTHY LIVING have the habit of picking at their Hps or their fingersor any place that has been cut or bruised. If they try,however, they can soon learn not to do this unsightlyand dangerous thing. They can form an inhibitionwhich, after a time, will keep their fingers away from

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