Alternative herbal treatments for cancer

Cancer occurs when a malignant cell begins to multiple in the human body and begins to destroy other cells. After a cancer patient has suffered for a number of months or years their immune system is so weak they are unable to fight off many infections and diseases that a healthy immune system would have no trouble curing. This leaves the patient in danger of serious harm and in a lot of cases death.
There have been a number of attempts to cure cancer and many have been successful. Among many of the proven natural remedies the most pronounced would be the work of Dr Phillip Binzel, who found that Laetrile a molecule found in the seed of an apricot actually attacked cancer cells and successfully destroyed them.
Similarly in the early 1920’s Johanna Brandt had successful cured cancer in a laboratory experiment using just purple grapes and still to this day it is referred as the Brandt grape cure for cancer. Also unlike Laetrile molecule which is only a single molecule that fights cancer cells, the purple grape has been known to have at least 12 cancer fighting molecules inside a single grape.
Although this has been around for many years, they have not entered into the realm of conventional medicines. Although a natural cure is now being used to help treat the early signs of cancer it is not the only form of treatment the patient will receive. This natural cure is vitamin D. Vitamin D is absorbed through your body from the sun. It is not just a cure but also well-known cancer prevention. It is shown that most cancer sufferers have a vitamin D deficiency. Its components also help slow down the process of cancer cell division. Although it is not a full cure in itself, it is indeed a natural remedy to help prevent cancer from occurring and also slow down the cancer cells from spread and causing fatal harm to the patient.
People from other countries our using alternative ways of healing, they use different herbal medicine to cure diseases. They extract medicinal plant to use it as medicine. People from other countries use leaves, syrup from plants or they make concoction. For example they use extract of plants for cough or colds, they also use leaves with oil to heal swollen part of the body. In other country, government pass a decree of law that will customize the use of herbal medicine. Some of their herbal medicine proved that it has therapeutic properties and make available in the market.
In creating herbal medicines, it can start by formulating topical ointment that is based from herbal plants. A variety of components can be mixed like herbal leaves and herbal extract; this concoction can mix in oil and serve as an herbal lotion or mix it with candle or wax to create ointment. Our ancestors survived from different diseases by using herbal medicines that are available in their environment. But not all medicinal plant can cure or heal sickness, it can use as alternative or supplement while taking regular medication.

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